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Old Growth

By Magaly Grosso


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This lovely apartment, available for short-term rental, is located in SoHo, Manhattan, New York.

Decorated in pale colors and with a sparse use of decorative accessories, the interior is both relaxed and comfortable.

Old Growth:

“Old growth

Amidst the groves of the urban jungle, a clearing: Prince Street, a sun-dappled two bedroom, two bathroom Soho home that’s more loft than not with richly grained woods, exposed brick, vast picture windows, and a genuine urban-industrial loft pedigree. Delicately designed bedrooms and washrooms of marble, brick, and sea-storm greys burst to bloom with every creature comfort.

Down to earth

Your host is an aesthetic enthusiast, a lover of fine art and design who enjoys trailing lively debate into tricky political thickets. When he’s not jet setting over hill and dale and cutting new paths into cultural and geographical deepwoods, he cherishes thoughtful moments with the morning’s fresh-pressed newspaper.

The forest primeval

Brush past a crush of city undergrowth to the sudden quiet of the Prince Street great room, an unobstructed, sunlight-warmed glade in the heart of it all. Weathered planks knit a wooded understory that’s complemented by butcher-block kitchen countertops, set again in high relief by glossy white cabinetry. An unassuming dining table of surprising size luxuriates in its daylit nook.

In the master bedroom, sky-high windows and unadorned walls varnished in a soothing floral grey sight on a masterwork bedframe of unfinished driftwood, a statement piece of arresting modesty. The master washroom ensuite – glass, brick-cut marble, and lustrous ceramics – offers a cooling spring, a shaded paradise found.

Sylvan Soho

Soho is a neighbourhood florescent with high-end shops and stylish boutiques. And where better to be than here on a quiet Soho side street, steps from the destination shopping on Prince Street and Broadway. If you can bear to take leave of this jewelled glen, the Prince Street N,R, Spring Street C,E, and Broadway-Lafayette B,D,F, or M lines will ferry you off to fields far away.”

Photos courtesy of One Fine Stay

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