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Balmoral House by Fox Johnston Architects

By • Aug 15, 2013

Balmoral House is located in Balmoral, New South Wales, Australia, and was designed by Fox Johnston Architects.

The home is characterized by straight lines and large windows, an abundant supply of natural light filtering through.

Balmoral House by Fox Johnston Architects:

“The project takes the form of a series of platforms, as buildings responding to the rhythm and topography of the site.

A long linear form to the west contains sleeping areas and bathrooms at the lower level, a garage space at an intermediate level and living areas and media room on the upper level. An elongated pool bounds this form and bleeds into the entry space, forming a shallow pool at the entry courtyard.

A cabana is part of the eastern building opening onto a large deck and pool beyond. Above this space is a separate bedroom and bathroom opening onto a deck. Entry to the house is via an open courtyard, leading to a transitional space / lobby area that connects to upper and lower levels at mid way designed to create a gentle change between levels in the building.

The upper level roof flips up to the north opening completely onto a north – east facing deck – sliding external walls and screens become part of the eastern face.

The lower level bedrooms lead out onto private decks, with direct access to the pool below. Walls open and close, screened to provide privacy or sun control. The buildings narrow width and orientation allows good cross ventilation and sun filtration throughout each space.”

Photos by: Brett Boardman

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2 Comments to Balmoral House by Fox Johnston Architects

  1. Floyd Gary Thacker says:

    Please publish site/floor plans on interesting home designs like this one?

  2. farzana ana says:

    Nice n cool home but no floor plans shown with pics …..:)

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