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Cereza 20 by Warm Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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Cereza 20, by Warm Architects, is located in Cancún, México.

The home’s austere exterior gives way to an interior that creates an interesting mixture of elegant with urban, bringing together brick walls, a coffered concrete ceiling, and contemporary-elegant furniture and accessories.

Cereza 20 by Warm Architects:

“The Cereza20 Residential Project consists of a versatile architectural program proposal for an adult couple. The housing conditions are optional. This means that the usage of the place may be either occupied entirely; or for future opportunities, it can be isolated depending on the conditions of the users.

The program consists of 220 m2 (2368 ft2) area on a plot of 216 m2 (2325 ft2) surrounded by houses and buildings that can limit the view and illumination input, which is why the project’s proposal includes inside green areas made of patios and terraces in both floors.

As the main focus of the project, the first floor central space of the house is designed as a double height lobby and includes the inner green patio spaces overlooking a glass wall through which the space receives natural light. This allows to integrate both floors, create interactive open spaces, visual lighting trajectories and interior/exterior quality spaces.

The court does not limit a contemplative vocation, but allows circulation between the second bedroom, the studio, and the social areas.The second floor is integrated into the double height in order to provide it with extensive visual qualities of natural light and ventilation from the patio.”

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