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Green Orchard by Paul Archer Design

By Magaly Grosso


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Green Orchard is located in Gloucestershire, England, and was designed by Paul Archer Design.

The home’s reflective metal walls set it apart from its green surroundings, and its interior is chic and clean.

Green Orchard by Paul Archer Design:

“The site is located in a spectacular position, with views over the Severn estuary, and in the green belt. The existing dilapidated dwelling was demolished and replaced with a new contemporary zero carbon dwelling . Set in mature landscaped surroundings the property is screened from the neighbouring properties and road frontage.

By splitting the accommodation over two floors and sinking it into the ground, the appearance of a much smaller dwelling has been created. The new bulk is located to the rear of the site and has no over shadowing impact. The living level is on the upper floor and has been designed with an open plan. All services have been located in the centre of the building and plant room below, to free the remainder of the space and take advantage of the key views and sun. Two external terraces allow the home to connect to the garden, each orientated to catch the sun at different times of the day.The outer reflective panels will pick up the colours of the landscape, the idea being to make the structure almost invisible.

The skin of the building is made of walls of sliding panels that can be slid away to provide an open flow of space between the inside and the garden, and to encourage cross ventilation. These panels are super insulated and allow the occupant to vary the thermal performance of the structure throughout the days and seasons. The glazing is screened by full height mesh panels, which can be adjusted to provide sun shading, privacy and security.”

Photos courtesy of Paul Archer Design

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