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Zash Country Boutique Hotel by Antonio Iraci

By Magaly Grosso


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The Zash Country Boutique Hotel is a charming hotel located in Giarre, a town on the east coast of Sicily, in Italy.

Designed by Antonio Iraci, the building is surrounded by vineyards, which add to its postcard-photograph feel.

Zash Country Boutique Hotel:

“Letting yourself be wrapped up by nature, by primordial and deep sounds, by dense and elusive scents, means to walk away from your daily routine and to dive into a dimension of positive energy.

Zash is the deep nature of a sound, its verbal repossession, the sound of the air within the leaves, the burst of a gesture in its flowing movements, it’s one of the infinite sounds that can only be heard and enjoyed by living in the countryside. But most of all, it’s to rediscover the time to live another dimension, made of slow gestures, intense scents, new visions and mysterious voices.

zash, splash, cucù, crag, ciuf, druum, pluff…

We’ll tell you about us by starting with the very first thing: nature’s instinctive and remote sounds.

This is the world of Zash: a COUNTRY BOUTIQUE HOTEL where historical fragments meet a contemporary taste, in an “elegantly quiet” project, to let nature’s physicality emerge, to respect our past vestige and to satisfy our traveller’s needs.

A place which is refined in its rooms, rural in its context and vital for the soul.”

Photos by: Alfio Garozzo

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