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Apartment Biancamaria by Paolo Frello

By Magaly Grosso


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Apartment Biancamaria, located in Milan, Italy, was designed by Paolo Frello.

The space is a quirky but stylish mixture of colors and elements, the effect unique and unforgettable.

Apartment Biancamaria by Paolo Frello:

“Choice of style, between ancient and modern.

The house includes a selection of designer furniture and modern art.

A long time span a century, so the volume connects the first 900 – of which recognize the architectural and inlaid parquet flooring – contemporary furnishing, in a refined stylistic dialogue, full of quotations.

Fluency in the living area

The layout of the dwelling of 230 square meters (2476 square feet), which is the original left intact, provides a room for each function. The entrance leads a corridor that distributes access to the various environments of the living area, divided into several autonomous spaces and, through a door, divided into two areas: one dedicated to local service (which is separate) and those for conviviality. The large living room faces the dining room and is directly connected to the reading corner with bookshelf and TV, in a fluid path which then leads to the sleeping area. To this permeability between the various choices correspond interior furnishing flexible choices, with modern design pieces that perfectly integrate into the architectural volume of the classical structure.

The project of furniture is functional, with elements harmonized to the shape of the internal volume, making easy the use of the spaces.”

Photos by: Fabio Lombrici

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