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Natural Pool by Balena GmbH

By • Sep 4, 2013 •  Selected Work 

This natural pool is located in Germany, and was designed by Balena GmbH.

The pool is made to look more like a pond than a pool, creating a very charming effect while keeping control over the landscape.

Natural Pool by Balena GmbH:

“This is a big private pool with natural water. It is getting cleared by the TeichMeister Filter-System.

TeichMeister natural pools feature an aquatic biology with long-term stability, providing the ideal mix of attractive setting and ease of maintenance. When buying a natural pond, it is essential to take into consideration the work required to run and maintain it.

This will ensure that you can enjoy the quality and usability of your pond for many years. Conventional swimming pools require the use of chemical additives, but with a natural pool this is unnecessary. However, in order to achieve a stable aquatic biology, the facility still needs to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

Only then your TeichMeister natural pool system can guarantee untroubles bathing and swimming.”

Photos by: Florian Meier

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