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Ridgewood Residence by Cornerstone Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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Ridgewood Residence was designed by Cornerstone Architects and it is located in Austin, Texas, USA.

A pristine elegance pervades the entire home, bringing harmony and balance to each room.

Ridgewood Residence by Cornerstone Architects:

“Nestled in the established yet evolving Rollingwood area, this modern five-star green home responds to the unique challenges and opportunities offered by an infill lot environment and the broader context of the neighborhood and Austin.

The program goals required utilizing sustainable design elements while emphasizing casual entertaining and the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of the Owner.

A corridor view to the North, a western rear exposure, and a need for privacy from neighboring houses, inspires in a “Y”-shaped concept that focuses primarily toward the side rather than the rear of the property.

Carefully placed glazing and a marriage of interior and exterior materials transition smoothly inside and out, while the pool sits snug against the house to create drama and flow to the exterior rooms of the rear court.

Existing trees, thick masonry walls, and deep roof overhangs buffer the sun, while sustainable selections and concepts including rainwater harvesting result in an environmentally-friendly home within a cost-conscious budget.”

Photos by: Andrew Pogue Photography

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  1. Can anyone tell us the retailer or manufacturer of the bar stools in the kitchen in this home? Or – the name/contact info of the interior designer that set up the furnishings?


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