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Hotel Seven4one by Horst Architects

Californian architectural firm Horst Architects has created the Hotel Seven4one.

This contemporary boutique hotel in Laguna Beach, California, USA, features a facade and courtyard made of reclaimed wood, corten steel and a two-story green wall.

Hotel Seven4one by Horst Architects:

“This thirteen room boutique hotel in Laguna Beach, California, was recently renovated and remodeled by contemporary architect firm based in Laguna Beach, Horst Architects.

The project reflects a forward-looking, contemporary design aesthetic while at the same time making a connection to the Laguna Beach cottages through its materials and two-story exterior green wall.

The material of recycled wood found on the exterior of the hotel has a weathered look to it, even showing worm holes, allowing the hotel to connect to the adjacent buildings, such as the historic Orange Inn which was established in 1931.

The other material of corten steel has an earthly quality to it, which channels the beautiful land and attitude of Laguna Beach residents.

The exterior two-story green wall also links to the green, open space that surrounds Laguna Beach, making it a distinctive community.”

Photos by: Aris Iliopulos

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