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Departamento Chelu by DIN interiorismo

Departamento Chelu was designed by DIN interiorismo, and it is located in México City, México.

The spacious interior is done in warm tones, and in a manner that fully engages both the architectural and decorative aspects of the space.

Departamento Chelu by DIN interiorismo:

“In this project the biggest challenge was the design of the dining and living room, being it the heart of the home and where social life happens.

Circulation towards the terrace was needed in this space, so the decision was to rotate the corridor to create two triangle shape areas.

In the first one, that is bigger, the dinning and living rooms and bar were located.

In the second one a piano and old furniture creating an important contrast with the rest of the décor.”

Floor Plan

Photos by: Arturo Chávez

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