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Poetic Apartment by Carola Vannini Architecture

By Magaly Grosso


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Poetic Apartment is an elegant residence remodeled by Carola Vannini Architecture.

It is located in Rome, Italy, and has an interior that is decorated in neutral tones, adding to its space and sophistication.

Poetic Apartment by Carola Vannini Architecture:

“In the neighborhood of Trastevere this unique Penthouse has been completely renovated, starting from its ancient structure up to the new little terrace addition.

Its architecture and the vaulted ceiling reminds of ancient medieval churches.

The Interior renovation wanted to start from this peaceful and poetic feeling, in order to create a new , contemporary living space.

The relation with the panoramic terrace has been preserved through a wide transparent sliding door that, if opened, add the living room area to the outdoor space.

The living room is full of natural light, thanks to several large windows that overlook the surrounding Roman roofs.
The dining room, bedroom and office space areas, are kept more private, while preserving the large perspective that crosses the entire building.”

Photos courtesy of Carola Vannini Architecture

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