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Casa A.P. by DIN interiorismo

By • Sep 27, 2013

Casa A.P. is a project completed by DIN interiorismo and located in México City, México.

The interior uses rich, warm colors to create a homely environment while still including innovative aspects of design.

Casa A.P. by DIN interiorismo:

“The challenge was the perfect combination between warmth and personality that must have been met in each space of the A.P. house, addition to meeting each of the simple and sophisticated design details involved in an area where five people cohabit. The family is the guiding principle of the whole interior project and set the tone for interaction between common and private areas.

Long conversations with each of the family members allowed us to meet all requirements for the rooms design, their tastes and desires and even their dreams, were taken into account for the space creation where each element responds the form and function. Natural lighting, lighting design, colors and finishes selection, also were chosen according to areas needs and transitions between each.

The goal was to convey dynamism through furniture in the living room and bar, with items that can move, rotate and open to transform the space according to the desired event or activity. The breakfast area and family room communicate with each other through a wood and glass furniture, which allows the light passage and reflection, but add breadth to space. The game zone is the energy and comfort area, achieved with a color palette that highlights citric shades combined into walls, cushions and rug. Furniture consists in different size modules that play with dimensions to enclose television, video games and everything needed.

AP House stands out for its unique spaces in which wood variety is combined. This broad selection considered Maple for the bedrooms, zebrawood in the master bedroom and living room, and Indian rosewood for the dining room. The wood nobility and warmth allowed a color palette for children’s bedrooms and burned colors for common areas and the parents’ bedroom, resulting in a high design family environment.

690m2 (7,430ft2) house-building construction approx., distributed on two levels at which these areas are located as follow. Upper level: four bedrooms, TV and work areas; lower level: living room/bar, dining room, with breakfast room, family room and game zone.”

First Level
Second Level

Photos by: Arturo Chávez

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