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Casa 103 by ultramarino | marlene uldschmidt architects

By Magaly Grosso


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Casa 103 is a private residence located in Ferragudo, Portugal.

It was constructed in 2013 by ultramarino | marlene uldschmidt architects, and it covers an area of 2,475 square feet.

Casa 103 by ultramarino | marlene uldschmidt architects:

“Our studio were excited to take on such an interesting project in the Fishing Village of Ferragudo, Portugal. The historic center of Ferragudo is an extremely sensitive area to work in and we believed that our intervention should be balanced harmonious and above all integrate with the surrounding architecture and history. The studio decided to explore the concept of “LIVING BEHIND THE WALL” !

The challenge was to create a facade which would be a physical barrier between the public and private areas whilst enhancing the visual connection with the village and the river.

The difficult topography of the site meant that our concept would need to allow for the design of the internal space to strengthen their visual connection with the rest of the village and beyond. The concept we chose was to use the changes of level within the site in order to achieve this goal.

Another challenge of this concept was to create a light and airy feeling within the building. We created a vertical well of light that links all levels to achieve this.

In order to balance the simple white walls natural materials of wood and stone in earthy tones where chosen.”

Photos by: FG+SG

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