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Blairgowrie House by Wolveridge Architects

By Holly von Huene


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Australian architectural firm Wolveridge Architects has designed the Blairgowrie House.

Completed in 2012, this contemporary home in Blairgowrie, Australia, is the result of an extension and remodelling of an existing house.

A unique facade of dark stained western red cedar cladding with numerous block type openings bring an abundant amount of light into the living spaces.

Blairgowrie House by Wolveridge Architects:

“This extension to an existing two storey dwelling provides essential additional living areas for a family with three young boys. The original structure made very little connection with the surrounding property and had deficiencies in access to northern light.

By bringing the façade dramatically forward towards the street it was possible to incorporate the 3 required bedrooms above a large garage on street level. To separate the bedrooms from the new living area a north facing courtyard was introduced which also provides a terrific outlook towards the surroundingMoonah forest.

The block type form established from bringing the front of the dwelling forward and its western orientation influenced a design decision to create a complex series of openings in the façade,allowing forplenty of natural light to the children’s bedrooms within. The composition of openings is designed to restrict the inflow of undesirable west sun and provides a suitable level of visual engagement with the street. The cabinetry design integrates with the complex window arrangement on the outside, creating a playful sense within each bedroom.

The existing palette of dark stained western red cedar cladding and anodised aluminium window frames was carried through in the new work, integrating the original structure within the proposed design, but still providing a sense of separation.”

Photos by: Ben Hosking

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  1. We’ll designed, plenty of space for movement and entire house is well ventilated , plenty of air and light. But the staircase seems narrow, congested. A person climbing may feel sandwiched, wish it had been a bit broader.


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