Stanhope Gardens is a private residence located in South Kensington, London, England.

It was designed by Yeang Creative, and covers an area of 1,800 square feet.

Stanhope Gardens by Yeang Creative:

“The design principle applied, to accommodate a high-end interior design, acknowledges the implicit nature of the upper floor spaces of this grade II listed building by providing a symbiosis between the requirements of a contemporary four-bedroom apartment and the consolidation of the particular characteristics of the existing interiors.

New connections between rooms, to provide for en-suite bathrooms for example, has been established by providing new doorways, designed in line with the existing traditional doors and maintaining the cellular nature of the traditional interior layout. In conversation with our case of ficer Mark Butler and as part of our pre-planning advice, the removal of one non-original wall between front and back room on the third floor was agreed. Also in agreement with our pre-planning advice we maintain a clear reference to the original wall alignments when we provide double door access in the remaining wall between front and backroom and the wall between kitchen and backroom on the third floor.

With our design we propose the restoration and where necessary the re-implementation of traditional decorative elements such as cornices, mantelpieces and skirting to enhance the particular historic significance of the property. Acknowledging the sober nature of the traditional decoration one would find in these upper floor spaces our new design interventions are explicitly distinctive from their historic context. As such, newly designed additions such as kitchens and bathrooms are designed as high-end objects using materials such as wood veneers and marble suggesting the almost temporary nature of these contemporary objects set in their historic context. As they stand in composition with the restored interiors, they suggest the possibility to be taken away and restore the original state of the Victorian interiors. We see this dialogue between old and new as one of the key principles in our design.

To provide for a fourth bedroom the current attic space is redesigned as a loft space holding a bedroom with en-suite bathroom. To provide adequate access to the loft space we propose the installation of a new staircase, designed as the continuation of the existing staircase. The renovation of this attic space gives us the opportunity to restore and insulate the current roof structure ensuring its structural integrity. To provide this fourth bedroom with natural daylight and sufficient ventilation we propose the installation of three renovation style roof lights to provide light and ventilation in the entrance, bedroom and bathroom.

As such we aim our current interior design proposal to establish a critical dialogue between the existing historical context and the requirements of a contemporary lifestyle celebrating continuity between past and present.”

Photos by: Quintin Lake