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Basement B by msX2

Basement B is a renovation project carried out by msX2.

It is located in Montelupo, Florence, Italy.

Basement B by msX2:

“An inhospitable basement turns into a diaphanous and luminous space containing various functions, a versatile micro-studio where materials locate, simply, routine spaces and times. The concept is based on the longitudinal cut of the plan along the boundary of the concrete column, to create two interest areas that dialogue through juxtaposition.

The relational ground, empty and neutral, leaning to the long wall collecting the natural light through the top windows, and the technological functional ground, where two materic elements face and support each other: on a side the low, natural volume, modelled on and adapted to the human needs and fluxes, on the other side the closed dark block, indifferent to the external stresses. The neutral environment proposes a silent welcome, giving the sensation to enter an empty, light-defined space.

The subsoil descending, along a diaphanous scale, maintains a continuous visual contact with the space below , and is characterized by a grazing lighting that enhances the gloss finish of white resin. The landing takes place on a bamboo platform, materially identifying and defining a portion of space devoted to entertainment and technology [home theatre, workstation] and approaching the dark volume that hides the kitchen behind a full height flush-door indicated by a white handle.

The surface of bamboo is articulated on various levels, elevated and on-floor, until it creates on one side a desk with drawers, on the other a boiserie with a shelf that matches the radiator throughout the length of the wall. This creates a support, almost exposure, surface enhanced by grazing lighting. The lounge area is characterized by resin floor in taupe clear tones with semi-gloss finish, rising up even on the central pillar, to help softening the atmosphere and creating more welcoming space.”

Photos courtesy of msX2

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