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Wood House by Schlyter / Gezelius Arkitektkontor AB

Swedish architectural firm Schlyter / Gezelius Arkitektkontor AB has designed the Wood House in Stockholm, Sweden.

Completed in 2010, this contemporary home was created entirely of sustainable materials while also eliminating all forms waste.

Wood House by Schlyter / Gezelius Arkitektkontor AB:

“Background, low impact no waste: During the last 25 years I have worked with and studied how the use of computers and software have affected architecture and the physical landscape.

First I was in raptures about the possibilities. Though this is still true there are other implications that are all the more worrying. The waste of space in today´s interiors and exteriors, the lack of respect for the natural landscape, the global use of non-renewable materials, and how all of this in various ways is linked to our digital tools.

In “low impact no waste” I have tried to address this. The house is built by a local contractor and a local carpentry shop has milled all the building parts. Every part of the building was designed specifically for this project to awoid waste material. I have used different kinds of wood from sustainably forested woodland.”

Photos by: Luc Pages

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