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Noosa Sound House by Bark Design Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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Noosa Sound House was renovated by Bark Design Architects, and it is located in Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

The home is spacious and bright, with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Noosa Sound House by Bark Design Architects:

“The transformation of the Noosa River House started with an eighties palette of speculative brick and tile, large footprint house, built to the allowable setbacks.

Broad brush design strategies included reducing internal floor area with voids, creating generous double height volumes, a clear legibility and contrast of spaces, and introducing high level operable clerestories for bringing in northern winter sun and encouraging natural cross flow ventilation into the spaces by harnessing cooling river breezes.

Outdoor living zones provide seamless and ambiguous connections between interior spaces which enhance the sense of place of ‘living on the river’.

Clean white planes with the warmth of natural timber frame the contemporary backdrop for fine furniture, art and relaxed river living.”

Photos by: Christopher Frederick Jones

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