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Renovation of a Private Home by Federico Delrosso Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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This renovation of a private home located in Montecarlo, Monaco was carried out by Federico Delrosso Architects.

It was completed in 2012 and covers an area of 2,150 square feet.

Renovation of a Private Home by Federico Delrosso Architects:

“A large flat on the 14th floor of a 1960s building and a family of four who love art and contemporary design. In his renovation, Federico Delrosso aimed to create a space simulating emptiness, in order to create the ideal setting for the passions and daily life of a family. It is functional emptiness, however, which comes to life when the study desk, kitchen appliances, make-up area and a bookshelf emerge from the cupboard walls… and returns to silence to become the perfect ambience for works of art and design.

“Only the outer walls and external window frames have remained of the original flat”, says Federico Delrosso. After completely eliminating the original partitions of the space, I created new volumes and diversified the different areas of the flat using a continuous system of cupboards into which, not only the functional volumes have been built, but also the floor‑to‑ceiling doors used to access the various rooms. Meanwhile, the audio and lighting systems have been built into the ceiling”.

The continuity of spaces and walls creates an almost maze-like version of the new home, which ends in a large living area overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A balance between the icy-cold modernism of the interior and the natural elegance of the outdoor area transforms the terrace into a cohesive extension of the living room, in spite of its colour palette opposing that of the interior. Its natural finishes, made from reconstituted wood chosen for the flooring and panelling, partly recapture the primordial mood of the resin that covers all the floors in the flat. Playing once more on the maze theme, this resin inverts the horizontal view of the surface by becoming a highly tactile vertical wall in the technical areas of the kitchen and bathroom.”

Photos by: Luca De Santis

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