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Badger Mountain House by First Lamp Architecture

Badger Mountain House is a private residence located in Richland, Washington, USA.

It was designed by First Lamp Architecture with an elegant and warm interior.

Badger Mountain House by First Lamp Architecture:

“Set on the foot of Badger Mountain in Richland Washington, this house draws its design influence from both the natural landscape and the clean lines of traditional Japanese architecture.

While the project’s primary goal is to answer the growing family’s need for additional space, efforts to capture the sweeping views of the Columbia River and connect to the surrounding landscape give this home its shape and orientation.

The major spaces are aligned in a simple plan that is arranged perpendicular to the slope of the hillside, minimizing site impact and maximizing views to the north.

The south-facing side of the home opens to an outdoor pool and observation area that offers views of the peak of Badger Mountain.”

Photos by: Steve Keating and Taylor Callaway

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