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Asia Residential Resort by Piet Boon Architecture

By Jessica Mejias


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Asia Residential Resort is a project completed by Piet Boon Architecture.

It is located in South Korea.

Asia Residential Resort by Piet Boon Architecture:

“Oak Valley is a high-end, ecologically-sustainable golf and ski resort with private residences situated around a museum designed by leading Japanese architect Tadao Ando. For this project, Piet Boon® was commissioned to design and furnish a private residence. As Korean culture stresses the importance of protecting nature, we created an organic plan that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape. The house has its own distinct shape – graphic and bold – reflecting the visual language used throughout this assignment. Extra-long bricks made from local granite were used for the exterior which makes the house almost appear to grow out of the ground, while the straight line detailing

of the bricks gives it a distinguished, contemporary look. The design was made for a client with a refined sense of style, so when choosing the materials we ensured there was a balance with the tranquil color scheme. We called the routing the ‘flow of the river’. It begins at the entrance to the house as a small mountain stream. It then widens, encompassing more air and space, before ending with a sweeping panoramic vista across the lush mountainous surroundings.”

Photos courtesy of Piet Boon Architecture

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