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Residence Zoetermeer by Maxim Winkelaar Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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Amsterdam-based Maxim Winkelaar Architects created Residence Zoetermeer, a home in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

Completed in 2013, the project covers an area of 5,630 square feet.

Residence Zoetermeer by Maxim Winkelaar Architects:

“The original house, built in 1999 has undergone a complete transformation. The original house consisted of vertical rectangular volumes with three floors. Attached to the volume was slanted covering of combined glass and copper cladding. This lead to unacceptable leakage and an unacceptable climate right from the original completion. The owners patiently tried to live with these shortcomings for a few years but eventually decided that the solution would be to remodel their house. The technical qualities of the main volume were excellent so that with some adjustments they could be maintained and implemented into the new design.

We created a design of interlocking lines and volumes. Each of the four facades have individual characteristics that have been achieved with the use of inward and outward projecting masses and shapes. Examples of these techniques can are clearly visible in the loggia of the living room located on the first floor and the expansion of the kitchen which has a balcony. The facades are a combination of white plaster work and ‘Keralit’ timber look. The shapes and curves in the facades ensure coherence in the design and presents a playful effect.

The living room has been created on the first floor so that the view of the lake in the vicinity can be even enjoyed to full extent. The living room is equipped with a large gas fire place which separates the room into a sitting area and television area. The first floor also houses a pantry, a study and a playroom for the children. The master bedroom is equipped with an en-suite bathroom and dressing room which are situated, next to the entrance hall and the kitchen on the ground floor. On the second floor there are two additional bedrooms and a bathroom.

With the new building additions, the house is increased by 75 m2 (810 ft2). Solar panels have been implemented onto the flat roof and because of the high parapet they are not visible from the street level.”

Photos by: Nelis

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