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Ylofa Palme by AI-Studio

This 2,150 square foot modern apartment located in Moscow was designed by AI-Studio.

The interior is elegant and clean, with large windows to allow natural light to permeate the space.

Ylofa Palme by AI-Studio:

“Covering the outside wall by a walnut wood, we left the rest of the space in light colors. All cabinets are built-in: bar, TV, clothes. All illumination is provided by light-emitting diodes in cutting. Bathrooms are in the micro-cement.

Parquet boards have width of 40 cm (16 in). Slabs of natural stone of size 1200x1200mm (47x47in). The bedroom door is a swing door with dimension 3000×1500 mm (10x5ft).”

Photos courtesy of AI-Studio

About Magaly Cabrera

Magaly Grosso was born in Venezuela where she grew up and studied Advertising and Marketing. With time, she realized that what she truly wanted to dedicate herself to was Interior Design, which is why she decided to study it and devote herself to it.

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