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House on the Lake by dotdotdot

By Magaly Grosso


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House on the Lake is a project located in Lugano, Switzerland.

It was completed in 2012 by dotdotdot.

House on the Lake by dotdotdot:

“A harmonious combination of textures and atmospheres for a lakeside apartment, designed for a young couple. The home has been created in Lugano, Switzerland, in a residential district along the banks of Lake Ceresio with all of the furnishings made to measure for the interior design and décor project supervised by studio dotdotdot.

The home measures 170 sq.m. (1,830 sq.ft.) and has been designed with universal appeal based on neutral colors and clean lines. In the large area of the lounge and dining room, wooden features embellish the ambience and hide a small utility washroom. The ad hoc texture of the birch wood adds a touch of continuity to the spaces. The natural hues of the wood shimmer with light flowing from the spacious lakeside terrazzo.

Studio dotdotdot was responsible for the custom furnishings that were designed to reflect the requirements and the style of the residents young professional couple. The table in the living-room has been created from a single slab of marble supported by wooden legs; the quality finish can be attributed to the attentive skillful work of the master craftsmen. The contrast between the different materials can be seen in the large zinc block in the kitchen, lined with MDF fiber panels. One of the common features of the design is the use of full-body colored MDF to line the furniture units, for example, the large wheel-mounted dresser lined in blue and the inside surfaces of the bed/wardrobe unit. The splashes of color in the bedroom interface remotely with the color injected into the living room.Simple rows of light illuminate the kitchen, the dining table and the large shelving units along the walls.”

Floor Plan

Photos by: Mauro Angelantoni

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