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Home in Estaca de Bares by OCO_STUDIO

By • Jan 25, 2014

Home in Estaca de Bares is a residential project completed by OCO_STUDIO.

Finished in 2008, it is located in Estaca de Bares, A Coruña, Spain.

Home in Estaca de Bares by OCO_STUDIO:

“It is a home between medians, two plants, in which the section is considered the key to the configuration of space, although it was in the original state. Remains almost entirely the spatial structure of the existing building, but create double-height spaces, clearances are corrected, it makes a clean work spaces and creates a natural light axis crosses the main body housing from east to west, from the doors and through the stairs. Which has no risers to encourage this visual axis.

In this part of the house is located the public program, access, toilet, kitchen, living and master bedroom, located on the mezzanine and open to be.

Also, to encourage the entry of natural light in this area between medians, the deeper area, open skylights in the roof, -glass placed as if they were slabs of slate- on double-height spaces that have opened in the various plants. For light to reach the ground floor, part of the floor of the first floor in the living room with laminated glass is made transparent.

Seen from the outside, the house belies the wealth of indoor.

Independent and with its own staircase, the kids area in the southern body, has a bedroom, a bathroom and a play area with use also sleeping.

Here, a steel tube, from the foundation to the roof, supporting the ladder and help define the spaces. Under the staircase is located a storeroom with opaque glass between tubes, inside fluorescent tubes illuminate indirectly the ground floor of this area.

The model, in terms of internal structure, housing was the original building. Lack of runners, stays succeeding each other and the figure of the stairs always present in the house.

This model will allow, with minor changes of furniture, the housing is capable of generating several programmatic solutions.”

Photos by: Héctor Santos-Díez

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