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The Wondrous Work of Marie-José Gustave

Montréal-based artist Marie-José Gustave makes wondrous creations using only recycled cardboard.

She does not, however, focus solely on creating works of art; she also makes functional objects, including lamps and even pieces of furniture, like chairs.

Marie-José Gustave:

“Marie-José Gustave is an artist of the everyday.

For more than ten years, she has been combining artistic research and art of living to create functional design art pieces and also sophisticated and luminous objects, out of recycled cardboard.

Her work is influenced by her Caribean origins.

After travelling many places, Marie-José has decided to establish her creative practice in the province of Quebec (Canada), a land rich of contrast and mixed cultural heritage.

Her studio is based in Montreal.”

Photos courtesy of Marie-José Gustave

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Magaly Grosso was born in Venezuela where she grew up and studied Advertising and Marketing. With time, she realized that what she truly wanted to dedicate herself to was Interior Design, which is why she decided to study it and devote herself to it.

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