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Fendi Residence by rGlobe architecture

By Holly von Huene


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Miami-based architectural firm rGlobe architecture has designed the Fendi Residence.

Completed in 2013, this 8,030 square foot home is located in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

This contemporary home was designed to make the most of its ideal location.

The interior boasts an air of grandeur and the carved out staircase is something to be seen.

Fendi Residence by rGlobe architecture:

“Villa Fendi is conceived as a place of living where the experience of interior space subtly interacts with its beautiful contextual setting. Located on a lot with very privileged views and a fortunate orientation, the site itself became the best design tool as we constructed each space to uniquely receive light and engage with the existing landscape.

With a distinctly shaped lot opening towards the water, we worked to design exterior volumes and interior spaces that maximized the house’s connection to its outside while providing ideally distributed public and private spaces within.

A simple tectonic form was devised and oriented to maximize water views and terracing. Volumes of specific program were developed as extrusions or cantilevered objects to express notions of weightlessness while emphasizing connections to the outside.

At the first level, a spacious Entry Gallery is designed as a receiving room with carved out stairs to the second level and views of the water. The Entry Gallery room leads directly to large Living and Entertaining rooms that open up to a generous covered terrace with unobstructed water views.

Within the second level, a private living space serves as a place to gather and pause between Bedrooms, a Reading Terrace and interior access to the Guest Suite. The Master Suite cantilevers some 17 feet above the garden and towards the water. Its operable glass doors open up to merge interior dueling with exterior terracing while reaching out to glance at views of both Down Town and South Beach from within.”

Photos by: Emilio Collavino

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