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Case by Jun Igarashi Architects

Case is a cozy residential project completed in 2012 by Jun Igarashi Architects.

It is located in Sapporo, Japan, and has an interior that is clear and bright.

Case by Jun Igarashi Architects:

“This house is located on the suburb of the city of Sapporo. The site is a typical suburban subdivision and height difference between the road is large.

Footprint is determined by building coverage and wall retreat of the architectural law and the slope of the site approach. I set the long corridor of entrance as a buffer zone(windbreak room) between the large heat load space.

Because of the site area is small,to set the buffer space into the inside is difficult. So I spread the thoughts and invent the space of growing plant on Stainless Steel Wire around the house as the new type of buffer zone between outside and inside.”

Photos by: Daici Ano

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5 thoughts on “Case by Jun Igarashi Architects”

  1. Are the screweyes drilled into the loft floor boards an afterthought to look for a way to prevent kids and adults alike from falling to their death or certain major injury. Or did the designers simply dismantle the parts of the railing system the “got in the way” of their “designy” photos.

    This house is a total disaster. But I guess socialized medicine allows designers in Japan to ignore common sense and regard for the safety of building occupants.

    • I would say that they just didn’t completed the railings when the photographer took the shots. Screweyes plus pre-drilled holes everywhere in the staircase structures are obviously there for some reason.

      This house will be safe for kids, eventually (and hopefully).


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