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The Podil Loft Apartment by Sergey Makhno

By Jessica Mejias


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The Podil Loft Apartment is an elegant residential project located in Kiev, Ukraine.

It was designed by Sergey Makhno, and has an eclectically stylish interior.

The Podil Loft Apartment by Sergey Makhno:

“Loft aesthetics seemed to be the best solution for this apartment located in a historical building in the city’s old commercial district named Podil. After removing a gypsum plaster layer, an old brickwork with striking metal channel bars was revealed. The finds were restored, covered with protective polish and left unaltered to serve as genuine decor elements. Ordinary white plaster, decorative concrete panels and wooden planks were also used to decorate the place. The floor was covered with textured solid toned oak.

Following contemporary trends, the designer team decided to turn the place into a spacious guest area with a living room, a kitchen and a dining room, backed by a children’s room and a separated en­suite bedroom with a big balcony, which houses a bathroom and a tiny makeshift study.

Makhno Workshop original objects share the space with modern classic furniture by Minotti, while industrial lighting alternates with designer fixtures. One of the unique objects peppering the place is a faux mantelpiece, a concrete replica of a historical piece the owner spotted at a Sotheby’s auction.”

Floor Plan

Photos by: Andrey Avdeenko

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