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Casa L by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Casa L is a private residence designed by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos.

It is located in Federal District, Mexico, and has stunning views over a nearby lake.

Casa L by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos:

“Valle of Bravo, in the estate of Mexico, is famous for its lake and the wonderful landscapes that surround it. Its privileged location and the good climate all year long had turned it into a favorite destination for weekends and holidays home. House L is a great example of the new projects that have been developed in the area.

The project was done in a 1,117 meters (12,000 feet) lot situated at the foot of a crag making the axis the integration to the vicinity and to enjoy the views to the lake. The house has 3 levels that take advantage of the rough topography of the lot and respond to the functional and versatile program requested by the client.

The orientation of the lot and its location —inside of a small peninsula of the dam of Valle de Bravo— make the house to be inside of a mild microclimate. To make the most of the conditions, large windows were done and combined with concrete and stone walls. The result is a space that maintains a cool temperature during the day and warm at night.

The public areas and circulations are monochromatic transitions where the texture of materials such raw casted cement, granite and recovered wood, emphasize the passage of light through the concrete walls incorporating the contrast between light and shades to the interior.”

Photos by: Jaime Navarro

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