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Aroeira House by Lu Barradas

By • Aug 15, 2014

Aroeira House is a home located in Lisbon, Portugal.

It was designed by Lu Barradas in 2012.

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Aroeira House by Lu Barradas (11)

Aroeira House by Lu Barradas:

“This project is about a house at the seaside, nearby Lisbon. Being a holidays house, its decoration needs to be modern, practical and comfortable.

On all my projects, I clear prefer decoration concept to become integrated in the architecture type, providing a mix between Architect and Decorator work. All in harmony. As far as materials goes, I thought about using white and transparent glass for lighter atmosphere, as well as black and the mirror enabling a deeper view feeling.

As a first step I wanted to understand the space potential, trying to enhance the plus sides and find ways to correct the less interesting details.

So, we should enjoy the view, watch tv (from leaving and dining rooms) enabling also to socialize.

I’ve started by defining areas and to find a good spot for the LCD (possible to watch from both rooms). I’ve created some suspended boxes, white on the outside and black inside hiding the screen when switched off. In the area, I’ve used types of sofas, with different shapes and dimensions, becoming possible to seat more formally or on a relaxed way. To enjoy the view, next to the windows near the garden, I’ve created a sofa which basically is a redesigned of the “lovers sofa”….one person on one side and the other person seating the opposite direction, enabling integrated different views from each side….garden and fireplace views…. As support tables, I’ve designed temperated glass tables in U shape, fitting in squared shape mirrors.

To finalize this environment, I’ve asked the Artist Diogo Munoz for a painting based on the theme “girls” from Velasquez, using the colors used in the decoration.

Going to the dining room… the non-existing split between the two areas was a problem. To split the dining room from the kitchen, I’ve created Palisade in white MDF, giving privacy to both environments without losing the natural light and garden view. The furniture was painted white to mix with the walls.

I’ve selected a top lacquered table with transparent glass base giving the idea of suspension. Chairs follow the same concept. To finish decoration there’s a round mirror with various inclinations and depths, reflecting the colors of the environment, almost creating a living painting that changes according to light and movement..

The Bedrooms follow the same line of decoration… integrating all in one.

In the Double Room, I’ve created a headboard to the ceiling, lit with led light (warm white) in the bedside tables fit and make the shot to the wall. To be more practical and functional, the bedside tables are suspended. In front of the bed, there were a few niches that were painted dark grey and the mobile sideboard in white not to be detached from the wall.

Daughter’s room, there was the problem of space be too long and narrow. The bedroom door position gave no privacy. So I decided to create a screen to the ceiling (following the idea of the double room) with balls … a few in vases and others in a mirror, which make the desired separation and widen the space. On the ground, a dais makes marking of the sleeping area, which during the day can be a comfortable recreational area. White lacquered desk has the blue glass base that brings us to the color of the carpet that follows the size of the stratum.

Throughout the House we use white micro holed blinds which, during the day, we see the exterior … creating privacy for those inside.”

Photos courtesy of Lu Barradas

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