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PANO Penthouse by AAd

By Magaly Grosso


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PANO Penthouse is a project completed in 2014 by AAd.

It is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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PANO Penthouse by AAd:

“The PANO Penthouse is at the 53th – 55th floor of a high-end residential tower in Bangkok which is the fourth highest apartment in Thailand. AAd (Ayutt and Associates design) designed this penthouse under the concept of “living between the city and the nature” offers a modern lifestyle with luxury and relaxation with panoramic views towards the historic Chao Phraya River. The Penthouse was specially developed for a single family in need of a place to combine privacy with socializing living space.

The PANO has been designed as unique private house in the skyscraper. It provides private outdoor spaces which similarly perform as urban houses on-ground, including terrace, garden and even swimming pool. In the case of this triplex interior design, most public facilities are located at the main 1st level and top level, while private functions, such as main bedroom, guest room, kid room, working space and bathrooms, are situated on the 2nd floor.

The concept of fluid and dynamic spaces are the mainstream of the entire project and has been applied for all levels and space, such as in main living space, master bedroom, working room and outdoor space allowing continues journey between the spaces. The hall and the main living space are the first threshold from communal area to the private domain. In contrast with other domestic interior designs, the main living space was designed to be the focal room of the house where the client, which is an art collector, displays their art pieces.

The elegant and exceptional terrace, punctuated by a tree incredibly planted at the 53th floor of a residential tower, allows a nature and panorama view that enhances the relationship between the interior and exterior, and provides an opportunity to bring in a large quantity of daylight indoor. It is the result of a large-scale of architectural modification applied to the original layout of this penthouse.

The main staircase leads to the roof top and sky garden becomes the focal point of the living area, while creating a calm atmosphere of Zen garden. Master bathroom is designed with the natural concept by growing vertical plants which create comfortable and calming atmosphere to this small room. The space can flow directly between master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room.

On the top level, the owner can step out onto the terrace which provides an open outdoor space, thus allowing family and friends to enjoy sun and fresh air. The swimming pool and garden provide the ideal image of a single-family house in Bangkok. This new main outdoor space, with walls removed from original layout, increasing the BBQ kitchen, sunbath deck and dining area conceived as dynamic spaces surrounded by the amazing outdoor swimming pool. The entertainment room, terrace and pool can be a recreational space for both kid and adults allowing enthusiasm, excess and freedom for kid while adults can enjoy the relaxation of a range of activities.

It is clear that the gardens around the private space are not only aimed at enhancing visual quality, but also at encouraging family and friend to move around and generate social activities between them. The aesthetic of this space is a place of dream accompanied by a sense of nostalgia. In terms of occasional domestic lifestyle in Thailand, the apartment generates the recreational area for family as does the luxurious houses, and includes the benefits of the view of Bangkok skyline, and represent a quiet place away from the stresses and complexity of the city.”

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Photos by: Piyawut Srisakul

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