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Código Z Designs a Contemporary Home in Mexico City

By • Dec 26, 2015

Casa SS is a project completed by Código Z

It is located Mexico City, Mexico and it covers an area of 6,781 square feet.

Casa SS by Código Z (1)
Casa SS by Código Z (2)
Casa SS by Código Z (3)
Casa SS by Código Z (4)
Casa SS by Código Z (5)
Casa SS by Código Z (6)
Casa SS by Código Z (7)
Casa SS by Código Z (8)
Casa SS by Código Z (9)
Casa SS by Código Z (10)

Casa SS by Código Z:

“Inside one of the most glamorous areas of Mexico City, Casa SS was developed.

The façade will call your attention with different and contrasting volumes: some made from wood lattices, others in natural stone, and solid colors with playful windows that will invite you to come in and admire the whole project.

Once you are in you will be received by a fascinating tree and a floated staircase. All of which is illuminated through a skylight, creating a light and welcoming atmosphere. Then, there is a social area divided in two, one is more familiar and private, conformed by a family room and a nice terrace that leads to the backyard. The second one has a dining room, a living room and a bar that is surrounded by a lateral patio with a vertical garden and the backyard, creating a natural and relaxing surrounding. It’s important to mention that all the areas can be divided through the use of curtains in order to provide intimacy to its residents.

Also located in this story is the service entrance with a laundry room connected to the spacious kitchen that has illumination details. Its elegant surfaces are perfect for cooking and having small meals.

Through the floated staircase there is another, more intimate, family room and a master bedroom with a more than spacious bathroom and dressing room. Particularly in this area we can notice a detailed design that includes all the bathroom accessories exclusively made for the house, and the exact illumination for making this space cozy, relaxing and inviting. The terrace that borders the floor plays with the patios to incorporate the nature to these rooms.

Finally, in the last floor there is an amazing skylight in all the halls, accompanied by a wood lattice providing the house with freshness for the summer. The three kids bedrooms are also exclusively designed for them, creating a childish atmosphere inside this elegant house.

With all of these characteristics, service and parking area in the basement, Casa SS raises sober and elegant in a 450m2 (4,844ft2) land.”

Casa SS by Código Z (11)

Photos by: Sófocles Hernández

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