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GEMA Designs a Home in the Main Business District of Ho Chi Minh City

By • Jun 24, 2016

Pepper House is a mixed-used residential and office project designed by GEMA in 2016.

It is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Pepper House by GEMA:

“Vietnam is a rapidly developing country with dramatic changes in economic, social and numerous other sectors. In 2015 alone, the country has generated more than 97,000 startup enterprises, most of which are focused in the thriving Ho Chi Minh City. Along with the evolution of new businesses and business models, the form of architecture for the workspace has evolved as well. In particular, the models of co-working spaces and luxury serviced apartments are becoming an essential part of modern urban life.

PepperHouse was established to provide a space to stay and work in Ho Chi Minh City for the entrepreneur or businessperson who needs comfort and convenience during short stays on business trips or while starting up a new project or enterprise. PepperHouse, while located in the heart of the main business district (District 1), occupies precious green space in front of a small park and next to the city’s largest zoo and botanical gardens. The facade of the building faces full on a flowing green Thi Nghe canal that has finally been revived after many efforts of the city government to clean it, and is now a tourist destination with a small marina just a few steps away.

To make the most of the advantages of the beautiful natural view supplied by its environment, the architects decided to open the entire facade of the Pepper House using windows. Inside, the 5-storey building is divided into three areas: The first floor is a reception lobby and coffee shop, the second and third floors are co-working spaces, while the fourth and fifth floors are high-end serviced apartments. All are fully-decorated and stylishly comfortable, expressing the individuality of each space to match the guests.

On the ground floor you will find a reception area and a coffee area where tenants can have coffee, greet customers, or chat with new friends. The premises are arranged with four functional areas including: lobby seating, a reception desk and refreshment area, a small meeting room, and washrooms for guests. The designers have used cool-colored wallcoverings to create depth to the interior space that is accented with walnut furnishings and zigzag fixtures. Randomly arranged geometric shape tiles on the cement floor provide movement and replication of the visual space.

Meanwhile young, dynamic co-working spaces with spacious work desks located on the second and third floors supply a beautiful natural exterior view from the meeting room. This is the ideal workspace for individuals working “freelance”, youth groups or small companies needing a start-up office. A creative use of white combined with a few prominent colors on the cabinetry helps to expand the space, and vivid and eye-catching typographic wall artwork animates the space. An aisle divides the space into two regions: storage and work. Serving the two office levels, restrooms on the second floor have a cement and tile floor and are accented with triangular black and white wall tile.

The upper two floors of Pepper House host serviced apartments. Each unit is uniquely designed in a different, eye-catching style. Within the modest area of just 40m2, the architect has encapsulated all the amenities required for a very comfortable living space. Both apartments have a kitchenette, bathroom with shower, washer-dryer, and sufficient seating space to rest, relax or work in each room.

A contemporary style is the main inspiration for the interior design of the fourth-floor apartment, it is highlighted by exquisite walnut furniture, soothing light blue walls and a cozy wooden floor. Creative use of a headboard divider separates the apartment into two main areas: one offering serenity, the other vitality. A quiet corner goes back from the bed, with an armchair near the window being the perfect place to read a book, drink tea or enjoy nature. Inward from the division is a dynamic continuous area with sofa, coffee table, desk, dining table, and kitchenette for cooking, eating, working, or entertaining.

The fifth floor apartment brings an interesting design direction with an Industrial Retro style. This living space possesses a strong personality by its use of cool colors and finishing materials that include a rustic concrete finish and steel. The most prominent features are probably the iron-frame coated-glass closet and the buff retro-style sofa – the focal point of the room. The designers also paid special attention to the effective use of both natural light and artificial lighting, glorifying the aesthetics of both function and beauty.

Tenants of the co-working space and residents of the suites will be pleasantly surprised by the careful consideration and forethought the designer has invested to provide for their greatest comfort and convenience. Find your inspiration at PepperHouse from within one of the quiet comfortable rooms, or during a cozy afternoon tea on the balcony watching the sun set over the water.”

Photos courtesy of GEMA

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