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Dining Room by Gisele Taranto – Week 4: Work – Casa Cor 2016

By • Nov 11, 2016

For Casa Cor Rio 2016, the most important architectural and interior design event in Brazil, Gisele Taranto Arquitetura was challenged to create six different designs for a dining room.

The 26th edition of the event takes place in a house surrounded by Burle Marx gardens in Gávea, an affluent residential neighborhood located in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Ovoo Dining Room by Gisele Taranto – Casa Cor 2016:

“How to design a dining room without falling into the trap of the famous Déjà-vu feeling? How to make the public curious about it?

Or even better, how to take the public out of their comfort zone in order to make them to investigate and think about this space? What are the uses of this space? Is it possible to create a not static project?

Can we say that besides having our meals we also use this space for studying, working and meeting? Leonard da Vinci portrayed the Holy Supper in a dining table. So why don’t we relate this space also with religion? How many movies had sex scenes in it? There are still many funerals placed in this space in the inner cities of some countries. How many children play with their toys on the table or even create huts below it?

So we can see that there are many activities related to this space beyond its primary function. Considering this personal concern versus the different uses of the dining room we created a dynamic project were each week we will deal with one of these uses.

To create this designs we have partnered with Ovoo Store. Furniture signed by contemporary Brazilian designers is a characteristic of the brand and was the starting point for all of our options.

Assuming that we will have six weeks, we choose six themes: Meeting, Sex, Study, Work, Religion and Meal.

For each theme we designed a specific layout, always with distinct materials for the tabletops (cement, lacquer, marble, Ebony and Freijó-mel wood and glass) and the seats (leather, fabric, wood, metal and lacquer). We invited art curator and collector, artists and designers to carry out an intervention in our space every week.”

Curator: Ana Laet

Photos courtesy of Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

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