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Archives - 2017

Wonderful Remodeling of a House with the Comfort and Enjoyment of the Family in Mind

By • Dec 29, 2017

Hiroto Suzuki Architects and Associates have designed this private residence in Wakabayashi Ward, the eastern ward of the city Sendai, in Miyagi Prefecture, in Japan. The home covers a ground area of just under 87 square meters, and was completed in 2017.

Exterior view of the house surrounded by constructions of a plant

The property is surrounded by densely-built low rise homes, as it stands smack in the middle of a residential area in Wakabayashi Ward. Old houses, relatively recently rebuilt, are scattered in the surrounding areas, creating a mixture of old and new properties in the environs of this private residence.

Exterior stairs in white metal
Front view of the house with walls and details in wood
White metal stairs connecting the levels

The old home was renovated for a young family consisting of a parent and a single child, and it represents a new addition into this community. In order to successfully achieve this, Hiroto Suzuki Architects sought to create a connection between the private and public areas so that they could easily communicate with the outside world of the surrounding neighborhood.

A three story building was planned, with a two car parking area and gardens. The living and dining rooms, as well as the kitchen, are located on the second floor, creating a common room that both the residents as well as the family guests could enjoy.

Interior stairs in beautiful wood
Living-dining room and kitchen area connected in perfect harmony
Modern dining room in wood and black
Private level with walls and floors with mixed woods
Children’s room with carpeted floors in different tones and wooden walls
Bedroom with closet and bathroom
Exterior night view of the house
Side night view of the house
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Magnificent House with Walls of Stone, Brick, and Wood that Reflect an air of Yesteryear

By • Dec 29, 2017

This house in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico has been designed by the architectural studio AE Arquitectos in 2017, and covers an area of 1,335 square meters. This project sought achieve a few goals: the first, to integrate the spaces (common areas, and rooms) so that the inhabitants could carry out their activities and move from one area to another without problems.

Exterior view of the house with brick and stone walls
Rear garden with pool and terrace

The second was to achieve a regional look that harkens back to homes of yesteryear where stone and wood were fundamental materials. Within this contrast it was obvious that the conditions of the project were unique.

Pool area with garden and terraces
Stairs with stone and brick walls
Internal garden
Internal garden with stone walls
Internal stairs overlooking the interior garden

The formation of the land where the house was built had a very steep slope that ended in the cliffs several meters high. To solve the problem, the house was built one level below the street level. Taking advantage of this, the entrance of the house begins with a stairway through which we discover the house. The feeling of proximity gradually increases until it is revealed before us.

This construction was thought of as a constant encounter with nature. It has two patios and a garden. The house is built on a stone base, with copper tones and oxides that accentuate the intended classic style.

The details in shades of dark wood and the use of brick seem to help complement the feeling of warmth of the house.

Living-dining room decorated in rustic style
Corridor in the upper level with glass walls
Internal access to the stairs
Stairs with dark glass railings
Living-dining area connected to the internal garden
Internal garden with abundant vegetation
Night view from inside the garden
Night view from the back garden
Night view of the house with stone walls
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Students at the Yale School of Architecture have Presented this Project for the Jim Vlock First Year Construction Project

By • Dec 29, 2017

The house, located on a previously vacant corner lot on Adeline Street, New Haven, United States, has two units that are separated by a walkway, but which still exist under the same roof. The structure is adorned with large windows that balance the needs for both openness and privacy.It is a house that can accommodate two families and that has been presented by the students of the Yale School of Architecture, Adam Hopfner and Kyle Bradley, in the year 2017 as the latest version of the Jim Vlock First Year Construction Project.

Exterior view of the white walled construction

This year’s Construction Project is the first home built as part of a five-year collaboration with Columbus House, a homeless service provider based in New Haven.

House with beautiful side garden
Details of the perfectly maintained garden

Columbus House will select two tenants for the house on Adeline Street: an individual tenant for the efficiency unit and a small family for the two-bedroom unit.

Much of the house, including attics, window frames, stairs, and cabinets, has been prefabricated in eight-foot modules in a warehouse on the west campus of Yale, shortening the amount of time needed for construction on the site.

This year’s house marks the 50th project built by first-year students in the professional studies program at the Yale School of Architecture.

Spacious interior with high ceilings and hanging lamps
Wooden detail of the rooms
Wooden stairs with white metal railing
Detail of wooden stairs
Light wooden stairs
Second level with light wooden floors
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Spacious and Modern Offices with a Marked Industrial Style

By • Dec 28, 2017

HR&A is a project completed by the LA based architectural firm CHA:COL in 2016. The structure serves as the offices of a leading consulting firm specializing in economic, real estate, and urban planning, and which has offices in New York, Dallas, Washington D.C., and, with the completion of CHA:COL’s project, in downtown Los Angeles, California, USA. The offices cover a total ground area of 2,500 square feet.

Reception area with modern furniture in brown and white
Main entrance to the offices area
Modern closed cubicle in glass with shelves

The offices are located on the 29th floor of a high rise complex known as The Bloc, and so boasts stunning views north and westward of the city of Los Angeles. The floor plan for the offices is designed in such a way that the work stations are not completely separate from one another, creating a work environment that fosters flow of communication and emphasizes team work. Also available for all employees are conferences areas, both large and small, a sort of “phone booth” which provides acoustic privacy, and a lounge and break area. Such a combination of environments allows workers to fully use all office installations as they see fit.

The exposed ceiling fixtures serves to give the entire office space an industrial feel which, paired up with the contemporary furnishings, gives the interior a unique look.

Office area with wooden bookcase space
Detail of the bookshelves made out of light wood
Small open office
Elegant and modern meeting room
Spacious and functional offices area
Office area divided into cubicles
Relaxation space with kitchen and dining area
Kitchen with dining space
Relaxation area next to glass cubicles
Relaxation space in intense and bright colors
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Marvelous Transformation of an Old Obsolete Farm into a Modern and Functional House

By • Dec 28, 2017

Nobody would say that this modern contemporary house, which is located in the city of Borgloon, Belgium, was once an obsolete farm — but it’s true. It has been beautifully remodeled by the architectural firm Sam Architects, at the hand of its architect Krist Michiels, in the year 2017.

Full facade of the brick and glass construction

The house is located in a protected landscape with the typical characteristics of Haspengouw, an area consisting of small villages in a rural landscape dotted with fruit trees. The house has a lacquered steel profile and a stone clad facade. Inside, different materials are combined with the intention to create different styles within a coherent unit.

Rear garden and interior access area
Red bricks and glass façade
Detail of black bases and glass walls
Rear view of the garden with brick walls
Elegant close-up of the red brick facade
Details of red brick walls
Detail of the edges of the windows
Modern interior with white marble floors
Modern interior with white marble floors
Modern dining room in black
Elegant living room with sofa in gray

The expansion of these two volumes has a contrasting design. A rectangle is implanted parallel to the reconstructed volume. This volume holds the living room and the bedroom. This unit is implanted 60 cm lower on the left side; as a result, this residential unit is not visible from the street. The volumes are only linked by a corridor, and, when viewed from above, the house has an H shape, which guarantees a clear spatial separation.

In the office areas, the wall finishes are combined with parquet floors. In the sleeping area, the parquet floor and white details are also used. The bathroom has mosaics from floor to ceiling, creating a very unique design.

Minimalist kitchen in black and white
Large and elegant kitchen in minimalist style
Dining room in white with a modern style
Decorative detail on the walls of the dining room
Detail of the decorative cubicles of the walls
Room with internal bathroom with glass walls
Room with glass walls
Modern and elegant bathtub in white
Modern bathroom decorated in black and white
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Fabulous House Designed for Nature Lovers in the Middle of a Thick Forest and Overlooking a Lake in Minnesota

By • Dec 28, 2017

This fabulous house located in the middle of a thick forest of wonderful landscapes is the perfect refuge for lovers of nature and good taste. It is an ideal place to enjoy everything that its surroundings offer while simultaneously enjoying the excellent comfort of its interior.

Magnificent building surrounded by tall trees and forest

Designed by the architectural firm Strand Design, it covers an area of 4,800 square feet composed of two primary cores separated by a central glass in which we have 3 bedrooms, 1 Master bedroom, and 4 bathrooms, the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, and a fitness area.

Entrance with walls of raw brick and wood
Access with glass door
TV area with sofa in dark gray

It was built in the year 2017 in ​​Northern Township, a township in Beltrami County, Minnesota, United States.

With wonderful views of the lake and nestled in natural terrain, social spaces are outlined along the landscape, blurring the dividing line between their natural environments and their built areas. The spacious and bright living rooms have large glass walls to welcome you to the lake.

The central core, thanks to its glass walls, becomes a nexus between the dining room and the private lounge that allows you to enjoy the forest and the lake in a safe and welcoming way.

With a palette of exterior material in dark tones, the Northern Lake Home blends with the wooden landscape, while the white oak provides a minimal and clear interior warmth.

Living room kitchen in light tones
Modern living room with glass walls and fireplace
Elegant entrance with wooden floors
Large dining room in retro style
Comfortable room with large windows
Children’s room with wooden wall
Sober and elegant bathroom in wood
Large bathroom in wood and black
Wood and white bathroom filled with natural light
Entrance with glass door
Terrace with barbecue area
Large terrace with direct access
Side view of the house surrounded by tall trees
Night view of the main facade
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This Charming Cabin will Make you Forget About the Rest of the World

By • Dec 27, 2017

This charming cabin is located on the banks of a quiet lake and surrounded by dense and lush vegetation, in a dream setting with incredible views of the magnificent Catskills mountain range. This wonderful, picture-like landscape is located in the outskirts of the city of Woodstock, which is just under two hours by car from the city of New York, New York, in the United States.

Wooden cabin hidden among the green vegetation

Its interior, completely clad in wood, has an open plan lounge, a wood stove, and a sofa from which we can enjoy the wonderful views in the comfort and warmth of the interior of the cozy home, as well as a spacious and functional kitchen and a vast loft-type bedroom, which is located at the top.

Wooden cabin reflected in the calm waters of the lake
Detail of the wooden cabin

It was created by the interior design studio Antony Gibbon Designs in 2014 and covers an area of ​​750 square feet.

At the rear of the building is a separate shower room and a bathroom with a second bedroom that could easily be converted into an office study space. The structure has two balconies, located on both sides of the kitchen-living room with a large terrace below that leads to the lake and the hot tub.

Wood clad living room with fireplace
Views of the surroundings from the living room
Cozy living-kitchen area where wood predominates
Dining area on the kitchen island
Kitchen with concrete counter
Kitchen in wood with concrete counter
Room clad in wood with glass walls
Room full of light
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Long and Slender Apartment Where each of the Spaces has been Used to the Fullest

By • Dec 27, 2017

The architectural firm XS Studio for compact design, with the help of its architecture professionals Rony Avitzour, Avital Broide and Ofer Rossmann, designed this apartment in 2017 as long and slender, precisely because of its distribution.

External view of the building on a busy street
Small terrace overlooking the street

It is a building classified as a preservation that is located on the Rothschild Boulevard of Tel Aviv-Yafo, in Israel. The bold and daring clients presented a fascinating challenge for a 93 m² apartment: a room for each of the three children and for the parents, two bathrooms, and a spacious living room.

Modern kitchen with white and wooden surfaces
Details of the minimalist kitchen
Elegant and modern kitchen
Details of the kitchen storage space
Long corridor of white brick walls
Entrance with glass door and black metal
Details of ancient soil pottery
Entrance to the main room with glass door
Master bedroom with retro furniture
Master bedroom with white brick wall
Details of the glass door and black metal
Interior of the beds of the nursery

The children’s rooms were designed to be minimal, functional, and simple, thus providing a wider living space in the public areas.

The narrow structure has a particularly long corridor (9m long) to allow access to all rooms. Therefore, the corridor and the brick wall became together one of the two elements that guided the planning of the apartment. The second element that defines the apartment is the structure in the form of a box with its elements of carpentry.

The twins share a space of one room (14 square meters), with a division of 140 cm wide in the center running from the floor to the ceiling, and across the space. There, they have a wardrobe and a small desk area.

The main room is done in a retro design, and has white brick walls and a simple décor.


Children’s niche type bed
Bed and children’s desk area
Bed with metal stairs in the nursery
Modern bathroom with white brick walls
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Elegant and Exclusive First Project by Architect Tadao Ando in New York City

By • Dec 27, 2017

The famous and cosmopolitan city of New York is in luck: Tadao Ando, the Japanese architect, who has been praised for his mastery and elegance, has finally designed something in the Big Apple. His buildings have been erected in Tokyo, Milan, Shanghai and even Butwal, Nepal, but never in the cosmopolitan city of New York!

Elegant glass-walled living room with views

New versions of Tadao Ando’s first project in this city, a luxury residential building known as 152 Elizabeth Street, showing the interiors of its unique multi-story penthouse for the first time, have been revealed. It promises to become one of the most elegant condominium buildings the city has ever seen. Simple, modest, and beautifully proportioned, this is typical of the work of Tadao Ando.

Modern and elegant spiral staircases

With a sale price of $ 35 million, the penthouse unit covers an area of 5,603 square feet of interior space and 3,240 square feet of outdoor space on three levels, which includes 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The interiors, designed by Gabellini Sheppard Associates, have high-end finishes. The spiral staircase, for instance, was built with Pietra Cardosa stone, glass, and satin steel. Other materials include oak floors, Danish planks, Dinesen widths, eucalyptus wood cabinets, as well as various types of stone and the material most associated with Ando: ​​concrete.

Spacious room with wonderful views
Terrace with wonderful views of the city of New York
Terraces with fountain and glass walls
Aerial view of the modern building
Modern building with glass walls
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Spacious Rooms Full of Light and Good Taste that Will Amaze You

By • Dec 22, 2017

This wonderful house with ample spaces filled with light and good taste has been designed by Jeravej Hongsakul, Eakgaluk Sirijariyawat, and Rubporn Sookatub, who form part of the team at the architectural studio IDIN Architects. The home is located in Bangkok, Thailand, and was completed in 2014.

Exterior view of the modern construction
Side view of modern white construction

It covers 470 square meters, in which wonderful environments have been created, dominated by wood, glass, and a great influence of white, creating a decorative contrast that is simply spectacular.

The main common area of ​​this house is the dining room, which can also be used as a work area. The area is enclosed and connected to the terrace, and features double height ceilings for the family room on the upper floor, which also connects to the outdoor terrace. Such an open concept makes it so that everyone is in the house at all times.

Spacious interior full of natural light
Large interior with glass walls

The skylight above the entrance hall allows natural light to flood the space, as well as the stairs that lead to the master bedroom on the second floor and the room and nursery on the third floor. The master bedroom has a private staircase and is on the ground floor (second floor) and the bedroom is on the top floor (third floor).

Modern TV room with wooden floors and furniture
TV room with glass walls
Terrace of the TV area
Dining room in wood with glass walls
Dining room with high ceilings and glass and wooden walls
Modern wooden stairs and glass railings
Wooden floors and glass walls
Modern and elegant wooden stairs
Study area with wooden table and library
Interior area with wooden floors
Dining room and kitchens in a modern style
Large bathroom with wooden floors and black countertop
Internal view from the garden area
Exterior night view
Modern structure at night
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Vibrant and Luminous Interior Spaces that Function as both Offices and Housing

By • Dec 22, 2017

This small tower has been built by Dominique Coulon, Olivier Nicollas, Benjamin Rocchi, and Steve Letho Duclos of the French architectural firm Dominique Coulon & Associés. It is located in the historic Krutenau district of Strasbourg, France, a district traditionally populated by boatmen and fishermen, and crisscrossed by canals. The tower covers an area of 500 square meters and was completed in 2015.

External view of the small tower

Strasbourg has a number of what are known as hollow teeth, or vacant plots that are too small to be attractive, and thus be put to use. The consultation then called for the production, on a plot measuring just 120 square meters, of a building that would guarantee the achievement of high energy performances, the use of bio-sourced materials, and a mixed-purpose project housing offices and accommodation, as well as well as a kitchen garden and an organic swimming pool on the topmost terrace.

Details of the black tower
Terrace area with elongated pool

The façade of the building is clad in scorched wood (larch), a technique originating in Japan, where they scorch the outer surface of the material in order to extend its life. Orange and silver awnings cover some of the windows, granting the exterior a pop of color. The interior is vibrant and luminous, providing open spaces in which to partake in a variety of activities.

Spacious offices made out of concrete
Offices with glass walls
Offices with file cabinet spaces
Modern black metal stairs
Detail of modern black metal stairs
Narrow stairs in pure white
Housing level with living room and kitchen
Modern living room with dark gray sofa and fireplace
Rest area with glass walls
Wooden stairs
Wooden dining room with concrete and glass walls
Rest area in vibrant colors
Relaxation area
Modern bedroom completely covered in light wood
Children’s room with bright red colors
Bedroom decorated in red
Bathroom in intense blue and black
Exterior night view
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Modern Project that Seeks to Integrate the Architecture with the Landscape that Surrounds It

By • Dec 22, 2017

P&D+I KLABIN Center is a project completed by the Brazilian architectural firm Paulo Brazil E. Sant’Anna Arquitetos Associados in 2017. The research, development, and innovation center covers a total ground area of over 3,000 square meters, and is located near the entrance of Villa Harmonia in Monte Alegre, Brazil.

Construction surrounded by extensive gardens
Concrete bridge that works as access ramp

It was important for the clients that the project manage to integrate the architectural ensemble to the surrounding landscape, which is characterized by an open, green expanse bordered by a lush and verdant wood. In order to do this, the architectural firm made themselves think of the project as a whole as a humanized landmark. The end result is a structure that is perfect for the intellectual immersion of the researchers, and which exists in perfect harmony with the surrounding historical buildings.

/ External view of the modern construction
Modern glass wall entrance
Corner with gardening work

The structure is contemporary in its design, with glass walls that allow natural light to flow into the interior spaces. Inside, the structure is wide open and spacious, providing any number of spaces in which to conduct a variety of activities. The main block holds three floors with laboratories, lounges, dresser rooms, meeting rooms, and research centers. The annex faces north and holds an auditorium which can sit up to 80 people, as well as exposition areas, rest rooms, and an area for events and exhibitions.

Internal corridor filled with light
Interior with glass walls
Corridor of blue glass walls
Waiting area with modern black leather furniture
Laboratory equipment
View of the laboratory
Spacious office area in black and wood
Internal stairs with glass railings
Spacious exhibition area
Conference area
Conference room in black and wood
Night view of the modern construction
Night view of the gardens
Complete view of the construction
Modern construction surrounded by gardens
Modern construction with glass walls
Night view of the construction
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Private Residence with Wonderful Brick Walls

By • Dec 21, 2017

This private residence, known as Ruffey Lake House, was designed in 2016 by Steph Richardson and John Liu, who are part of the team at the Australian architectural firm Inbetween Architecture, with interior design created by Aldona Pajdak. The home covers a total ground area of 485 square meters and overlooks the Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

/ House located among tall leafy trees

The double brick home was originally constructed in the 1970s, and has undergone a complete transformation in the hands of Inbetween Architecture.

Entrance with red brick walls
Parking with black metal door
Terrace with views toward the forest
Entrance with wood and glass door

The interior, which had been previously compartmentalized, was reconfigured and turned into an open space in order to allow for easier illumination and a more stylish design. This also allows for an easier connection between kitchen, dining, and living spaces, and for a better flow in their various functionalities. The west side of the ground floor holds quieter private spaces, such as the library, music room, and TV den. A timber clad island divides the east and west sides of the floor, and also serves to conceal the cloak room, bathroom, and pantry. On the second level are the bedroom suites, an additional bathroom, and a large north facing terrace, which is accessible both from the landing and the master bedroom.

Modern living room filled with light
Spacious living-dining and kitchen area
Living room with terrace
Rest area with hydraulic ceramic tile floor
Bathroom with barn door
/ Wooden kitchen and dining area
Spacious wooden kitchen
Laundry room with hydraulic ceramic tiles
Modern wood and black dining room
/ Details of the wooden dining room
Stairs with bookshelf
Study area filled with natural light
Bedroom with closet with barn door
Bathroom in white and wood
Spacious studio filled with natural light
Studio furnished in wood and black
Studio furnished in wood
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Modern and Sober Apartment Full of Personality

By • Dec 21, 2017

Platino Interior Design, a Taiwanese architectural firm with offices in Taipei and Shanghai, has designed this home, Residence of Hsieh, in 2016. The home covers a total ground area of nearly 250 square meters, and is located in Hsinchu City, a city known for its windy climate in northern Taiwan.

Modern living room with concrete walls

This aging townhouse became a brand new home for the clients after a wall was torn down. Following this, it was replaced by a glass and ironwork partition, which still separated the spaces while allowing natural light to flow into the rooms with ease. This same ironwork flows upward, connecting all five floors of the home through one structure. This aids in the sense of continuity as one travels up and farther into the more private areas of the home.

Modern gray living room with a spotlight lamp
Modern lounge in shades of gray and brown

The color palette used is muted, with both earthy and cooler shades of gray brought together to create an interior that is both cozy and serene. Wooden surfaces add to this sense of warmth. Sparse decorative accessories and an abundance of natural light create an atmosphere that feels clean and welcoming, without ever becoming overbearing.

Living-dining and kitchen in the same area

The master sits perched on the third floor of the house, and enjoys the most privacy. All remaining spaces – an additional bedroom, a computer room – sit on the second floor, blending the boundary between private and social.

Modern kitchen with hydraulic ceramic tiles
Dining room with transparent chairs
/ Modern dining room done in a variety of materials
Concrete stairs
Elegant studio area in shades of gray and black
Rest area with modern furniture
TV area in shades of gray
Elegant and sober bedroom
Bedroom with white marble headboard
Elegant and sober bathroom
Imposing bathroom in black marble
Bathroom in black marble
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With Fantastic Views Over the Mountains, this Wonderful House will Charm its Visitors

By • Dec 21, 2017

This house rests elevated on the crest of a mountain, and with wonderful views over the spectacular surroundings of Park City, which is located east of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It has a perfect panoramic view of the outdoor spaces and the green mountains of Utah, which will be covered in white with winter snow.

Log cabin on the hill, surrounded by snow

Perfectly equipped for all seasons, in the serene summer season, the house has a platform for breakfast, perfect for a day of rest and enjoying the sunset. But, due to its elevation of 7,500 feet, alongside the breathtaking views also comes extreme weather. At this height, the arrival of spring can bring hurricane winds; early autumn can produce shaky electrical storms; and winter can accumulate snow over 12 feet (3.7m). But this house is conveniently equipped to withstand the ravages of time.

Terrace with wonderful views over the snowy mountains
Terrace with wooden floors
Terrace with views of the mountains
Main facade with wooden walls
Main entrance with gardens
Side view of the wooden hut
Views of the mountains in summer time
Terrace with views over the green mountains
Terrace with furniture and views
Internal terrace
Interior terrace with furniture

It was designed by the architectural firm Imbue Design in 2016 and covers an area of ​​4,500 square feet.

The house possesses the warmth and natural quality of the light red cedar of the west in most of its exterior which gives it presence while uniting it naturally to the landscape. The natural color of the cedar creates a strong contrast against the snow in the winter months and offers a complementary color to the green hillside of spring. Cedar is naturally able to withstand the extreme changes in temperature and weather phenomena inherent in high elevation climates.

Exterior views from inside
Rest space with views
Modern living room with dark fireplace
Living room with glass walls
Living room with views over the mountains
Spacious room and full of natural light


Modern bathroom with glass walls