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Special Project Venediktov Designs a Modern Green Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine

By Magaly Grosso


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This modern apartment was designed by Special Project Venediktov and is located in one of the tallest buildings in Kiev, Ukraine. It has a minimalist style, and its narrow living/dining room leads up to wide windows with a spectacular panoramic view of the city and the Dnieper River. At the same time, the windows serve to give light and a sensation of abundance of space.

The glass doors conveniently located in the kitchen divide this space from the rest of the areas, and at the same time allow natural light to reach this corner of the apartment. From here, we are allowed to enjoy the wonderful views of the living room – which is, after all, the main attraction in this apartment – while we’re cooking!

An open space, full of light!
The dining room is connected with the living room
Concrete wall gives the room a rustic touch
Dining room with green walls and floors

The air ducts are visible in the living/dining room, and give it an industrial look that emphasizes a modern feel. This is a perfect example of how such a duct might be integrated into the decor of a private home.

Dining room and kitchen separated by a door and glass walls

The different tones used in the decor of the interior of the apartment allow the apartment’s look to change depending on the hour of the day, and give it a sober and elegant touch in spite of the simplicity of the furnishings that accentuates its industrial style.

Wooden dining room table with dark green walls
Living room with grey sofas

The painted brick walls give character and texture to the decor and emphasize the character of the space through the use of strong colors.

Kitchen with green brick walls
Square kitchens with wooden cabinets

The bedroom, one of the most intimate spaces of the apartment, has concrete walls and a modern style that is complemented by large windows, lacking in curtains or any other obstruction to the marvelous views of the city… including fantastic sunsets!

Master bedroom with concrete wall
Master bedroom with glass walls
Bathroom with green ceiling and wooden floors
Bathroom with green floors

The recreational area of the apartment consists of a cinema and a studio that exist together, separated only by a glass wall that allows the eye to roam free. Because of this, from virtually any room, we can enjoy one of the best aspects of this apartment: the astonishing views of the city.

Study with glass walls
TV area with wooden floor
Desk area with glass walls
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