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Robert Hirschfield Architects Renovate a Private Residence in London, England

By Magaly Grosso


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Every home has a center of attention. That special place where our eyes go when we enter it. In this home, this happens to be the stairs, without a doubt. Designed by Fowler and Co., these spectacular stairs move in a helical balustrade formation, slowly and smoothly guiding us from one floor to another. It was assembled on site, and effortlessly became the focal point of this renovation by Robert Hirschfield Architects in London, England in 2016.

External view of the house’s backyard
Interior area with T.V. and view of backyard

The living room and dining room give us a great view of the backyard. Glass walls and a line of skylights allow natural light to bathe the area. Take some wooden steps, and you’ll find yourself in the kitchen. Comprised primarily of white with a black counter, it has a view to the living room, which allows it to benefit from the natural light as we prepare a delicious meal.

T.V. area with wooden floors and skylight
White kitchen with a view to the backyard
Wooden stairs that connect the living room to the kitchen
Stairs made of dark wood with beautiful hanging lamps
View of the stairs

On the first floor, we’ll find a path protected by a glass handrail. From here, we can admire the modern spherical lamps that hang elegantly over the living room.

View of the stairs from the first floor

The bedroom is located on the top floor. Here we have a small terrace from which we can take in the gorgeous views. What more could we possibly want?

Balcony with wooden floors and walls
Nocturnal view of the house through the glass walls
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