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Carney Logan Burke Architect Completes an Addition to a Home in Jackson, Wyoming

By Magaly Grosso


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This modern and wonderful studio, covering an area of 500 square feet, forms part of an extension added to a home by Carney Logan Burke Architect in Jackson, Wyoming, USA.

The home uses adobe – a natural and sustainable construction practice that consists of a mixture of moist earth, sand, gravel, and clay – for its walls, concrete for its floors, and copper for its roofing, creating a unique space that perfectly combines textures and materials in its interior.

Wide landscape with a view of the mountains
Lateral view of the home where we can see, among other things, the stone fireplace
The front of the home surrounded by lush vegetation

Its modern study area contrasts greatly with its rustic exterior
Lateral view of the minimalist furnishings that make up the study area
Curved detail of the modern desk

Wide bookcases that house books and works of art line the walls and give a personal and intimate touch to this room, a minimalist office with a heightened sense of elegance.

A modern desk stands front and center to glass doors that allow a view to the exterior from the entire extension, its straight lines in wood giving the décor a minimalist touch. A comfortable yet stylish chair, made of the same materials, sits beside it.

Bookcase decorated with books and works of art

A spacious and luminous bathroom with stone walls – reminding us of the zen-like feel of a spa – directs us to a wide glass wall that connects to the exterior garden. It is perfectly complemented with modern bath accessories and light fixtures that correspond stylistically with the rest of the room.

Modern bathroom with zen-like stone walls
Minimalist details

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