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Arjen Reas Architects and Martijn van Voorden Architecture Work Together in This Unique Home in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

By • Feb 10, 2017

Out of the Box is a unique space; a quick glance and we’ll find that it’s rustic, while at the same time remaining airy and spacious. Its outside has the strong character given to it by its straight lines and the stark contrast between light and dark surfaces. It’s a 2016 home measuring 160 m² located in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

Arjen Reas Architects and Martijn van Voorden Architecture accomplished exactly what they set out to do. In the exterior, we’ll find the prominent presence of dark wood accompanied by a ceiling reminiscent of a barn. A quaint terrace transitions us into the interior, and it’s here where we’ll find a home full of life.

Complete view of the back garden of the house, with its dark wooden walls and white beams.
Here we can see the contrast between the white beams and the dark walls.
Terrace with a direct entrance to the living room.
Front façade of the house. Floors of terracotta and stone, with glass windows
Wooden walls and floors decorated with small stones
Entrance to the house, hallway with glass door

Large windows invite light inside, and illuminate the spacious shared areas. The modern floors are comprised of light wood, and the range of colors establish a sense of harmony. In this same space, we have the kitchen, made up of the same dark tones that we have in the exterior. Minimalist lines create a perfect fusion with the dining room.

Living room with glass doors that connect to the backyard
Spacious dining room. Contemporary kitchen.

The stairs connect both floors, and maintain the same style and color tones. Here, we’ll find a spacious bedroom with tall and visible wooden beams, adding a rustic touch to this contemporary space.

Hallway with wooden floors that guide us to the bedrooms
Bedroom with a high ceiling and wooden beams

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