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A Colorful Hotel in Copacabana, on the Shore of Lake Titicaca

By Magaly Grosso


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This peculiar and colorful hotel has a structure made mainly of adobe, stone, and wood. Its owner originates from Germany, as he, 21 years ago, decided to turn the South American country of Bolivia into his place of residence and start a new life there after having fallen in love with a woman native to that country.

The hotel is located in the small town of Copacabana, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, and has 21 rooms which are totally private and have spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

Its exteriors are decorated with beautiful and strange shapes, quite atypical to the area, which are done in colors that make this group of buildings stand out among the others.

The home has terrace areas from where those who stay there can enjoy the outdoors, as well as the spectacular views of the lake which can be glimpsed from there.

View of the lake from the hotel terraces
View of the common terraces of the hotel with chairs arranged for the hotel guests

View of colorful exterior walls
View of colorful exterior walls

Beautiful roofs crowning the structures
Beautiful roofs crowning the structures

Stone structure

In the interior of the units, we find typical materials of the area such as wood and stone, and we can also see different clay vessels, typical of the local culture, which adorn the corners and give a cozy touch to the space.

Interior of the colorful units
View of the lake from inside the units
Kitchen with typical local materials

Clay vessels, typical of the country

In the bedrooms, we can also find hammocks that hang from one wall to another and offer us moments of relaxation and rest.

Interior units with hammocks for resting

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