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Architectural Studio Ziegler Converts an Abandoned Barn into a Private Home

By • May 16, 2017

The Parisian Architectural Studio Ziegler had the task of remodeling this old barn space which stands on the edge of a wheat field that was formerly used to store fodder for horses.

The project intends to be just as rustic as its rural context, without any added sophistication or extraneous details.

Its exterior was covered with zinc, giving a new appearance to the immense construction.

View of the construction from the distance
View of the home



The interior, enveloped by a magical aura that seems to transport us in time to distant epochs, is in perfect condition. Its raw brick walls and huge wooden ceilings in which we see the beams protruding and running from one end to another remind us at every moment that it is an old barn.

Window lines create a space that serves to separate the line from the wall from that of the ceiling, giving the space natural light and ventilation.

Of scarce furniture in a contemporary style, we find that the most striking room is the kitchen. There, on a floor of hydraulic tiles, we see a kitchen of minimalist style in shades white, gray, and black, with modern light bulbs that fall from the high ceiling and provide light to the space during the night.

Interior in which we can appreciate the brick walls and wooden ceilings
Line of windows crossing the spaces and giving it natural light
View of the kitchen next to the living room
Modern kitchen in minimalist style
Modern kitchen in minimalist style

The swimming pool has been roofed over and, with its blue waters, tempts and invites us to enjoy it.

Indoor swimming pool
Night view of the building

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