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Alcázar de Toledo, a building by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos, establishes an impressive view all its own with its grassy, angled balconies

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Located in the heart of Mexico City, Mexicao, a stunning building called Alcázar de Toledo has been created by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos with one of the most unique facades in the business.

Because it is considered a luxury building, Alcazar de Toledo is afforded one of the very best locations in the city, featuring prime surroundings and amenities. Even so, its site’s topography is quite rugged and uneven, which is why designers chose to integrate the environment as much as possible into the building’s structure and decor. This creates a relationship between the land and the housing that dwellers can enjoy each day.

Besides just accounting for the topography, designers wished to respect the environment as much as possible in their building process and even once the structure was finished. At the same time, they aimed to choose angles and details that took the absolute best advantage of the panoramic view of the city that the location offers, with all that stunning vegetation between buildings.

Rather than just anchoring into or sitting on top of the land’s topography, architects decided to build something that looks as though it folds itself over the landscape, hence its absolutely intriguing right angled and zig-zagging shaped feature all the way down the front of the building, from top to bottom.

Each fold in the building’s facade responds to what designers saw as a different need of the building. They also each contain space for five units on each level, providing them all with a large terrace, full amenities, and a parking lot in different places. All the way down, the zig-zag is positively covered in lush plants and vegetation that are native to the area.

For a bit of contrast, the parking level (which actually sits at the very top of the building) boasts an absolutely stunning water feature that complements the generous plant life well. This area features water fountains and beautifully reflective pools, as does the reception area that welcomes guests. This lobby sits in a glass box where the beauty inside can be seen all around.

Besides spacious units, beautiful decorative features, and impressive ramp balconies, this luxury building also boasts a full sized pool, spa, gym, a social terrace, and shared dressing and bathrooms that make all of these easy and convenient to use. Inside, the units feature lovely living and dining rooms, spacious kitchens, guest bathrooms, cozy family rooms, and three bedrooms with their own dressing and bathrooms as well. Each also has its own laundry room, maid’s quarters, and beautiful garden terrace! Some of the larger units even feature a library, a wine cellar, and a playroom or study.

Keeping with the goal of offering beautiful panoramic views, each apartment in this building features very high ceilings and large floor to ceiling windows that let the stunning surrounding scenery be seen from essentially anywhere in the unit. These huge windows also provide natural light and ventilation in a way that just serves to make the space even more cohesive with its environment.

Photographs by Jaime Navarro and HH Fotografia

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