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An Amazing Home Surrounded by Farmland with a Natural Landscape

By Magaly Grosso


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This private residence was designed by the Portuguese architectural firm Filipe Saraiva in 2016. The home covers a total ground area of over 400 square meters, and is located in Ourém, Portugal. The home is perched atop a hill with a descending slope to the south of the property, which causes the height difference between the highest and lowest points to be approximately 4.50 meters. The land that surrounds the house is farmland with a natural landscape, and the structure overlooks the Castle of Ourém.

Wonderful aerial view
Aerial view of the surroundings of the house
Decorated gardens creating charming corners

The building is constructed using simple lines, which are meant to evoke the typical homes we draw as children. Such a deconstruction is meant to break down the overcomplications of design to reach the core of what a home means – a safe place in the world for us and our loved ones.

Garden with circular path

The home has a gorgeous wooden terrace that overlooks the garden under the safety of a high roof. A clear glass wall separates this terrace from the interior, allowing an easy rapport between the two spaces. The interior is spacious and open, done mostly in white, with accents in rich wood and deep black which serve to add interesting bits of contrast throughout.

Imposing terrace with wooden slat walls
Modern entrance with lining
Elegant and modern entrance
Terrace with high ceilings and glass walls
Terrace with high ceilings made of wood
Interior of the garage with space for 3 cars
Internal view through the glass walls
Modern and elegant living room with beige sofa and TV area
Modern living room with glass walls and exterior views
Elegant relaxation area overlooking the garage area
Elegant and modern living-dining and kitchen area
Modern wooden kitchen with white marble countertop
Modern wooden kitchen with spacious storage
Small cellar with glass walls
View of the large space where social areas converge
Modern round table dining room in Wood and chairs in black
/ White stairs lead to the next level
Stairs side wall with storage area
Modern bedroom in white with studio space and library
Bedroom with interior terrace
Modern bathroom with views toward the interior terrace
Office area with modern furniture
/ Night view of illuminated entrance
Night view of closed parking
Spectacular night view of the terrace
Night view of the terrace and the gardens that surround it

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