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The Anfrum Hair Salon in Uehonmachinishi

By • Oct 30, 2017

The Anfrum Hair Salon is a project completed by Hidenori Tsuboi Architects in 2017, and covers a total ground area of little over 55 square meters. It is located in Uehonmachinishi, in the Chuo Ward of Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The hair salon is run by the business’s female owner, and is surrounded by many old wooden houses.

View of the interior of the modern hair salon in a range of soft and delicate colors

What’s so unique about this space is the fact that it is no ordinary hair salon – it is constructed in order to provide an individual, one on one experience to each and every customer. As such, the client wished for it to be designed in such a way that customers would feel free to walk around and enjoy each space, instead of simply sitting at the hair styling chair for the entire duration of their visit.

A large wooden table sits at the center of the space, providing customers a place to sit and wait while they read magazines, drink a cup of coffee, or engage in consultations with the hair stylist. The remainder of the space is designed with an open plan, and it is not subdivided by partitions or walls of any kind, providing the salon with an spacious aura of serenity.

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