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Tribe Studio Create an Annex for a 1930s Bungalow in Sydney, Australia

By • Apr 4, 2017

This charming 1930s bungalow, made with red bricks, underwent an extension that made sure not to compromise its older qualities. The extension included a wide area surrounded by glass walls that gives way to the garden, where we’ll find a small resting area, a kitchen, and a dining space. The work was carried out by the Australian firm Tribe Studio, based in Sydney.

The perfectly maintained gardens, which add greenery to both the exterior and interior, are complemented by the inclusion of a pool, making it the perfect space to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Charming, red-brick construction
Entrance through a brick arch
View from the exterior of the annex
Living room with a chimney comprised of dark bricks
View of the kitchen from the interior of the living room
View of the annex areas
Lounge area
Kitchen and dining space in the annex

In the area adjacent to the older construct, we’ll find spaces designed for storage, as well as small steps that connect the new with the old.

The older parts of the house hold a special charm. Whether it’s the staircase rising through an arch, the white-brick walls, the antique chimney made from old brick, or the small windows, we can certainly see how it’s the smaller details that give a classic and elegant vibe to the area.

Stairs that rise through the arch

On the second floor, we’ll find dark, wooden floors, accompanied by minimalistic furniture. The lighter colors seem to soften the space.

Details of the furniture in the Bedroom
Bedroom with dark, wooden floors

The bathrooms, comprised of contemporary tiles and intense colors, are adorned with modern accessories that complete the space.

Bathroom with green tiles
Bathroom with blue tiles
Bathroom with orange tiles

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