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ANTAO Group Designed Their Own Headquarters Through Renovation

By • Aug 3, 2017

When ANTAO group had to choose a new site for their headquarters, instead of renting out or purchasing an already-existing building, they decided to take a different course of action, and launched a large-scale renovation of a dilapidated factory building that had been abandoned for years. Located in Shi Qiao Lu, Hangzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, the building covers a total area of 3,000 square meters – a gargantuan feat.

Exterior of building with high walls
Main entrance

The interior retains some industrial elements that hark back to the purpose it originally served, such as the concrete walls and exposed steel wall and ceiling beams. With the addition of wood and glass into the mix, however, the industrial is turned stylish.

The common areas are relaxed and colorful, with a vibrant style that invites workers to relax and catch their breath during those long, stressful days of work. A great number of potted plants dot the interior, hanging from the ceiling beams and sitting beside working stations, giving the rooms an earthy feel and bringing in additional touches of color. High walls are covered by art murals, bathroom stall doors are painted with chalk paint and drawn on by workers, and there’s even a gym available – definitely the sort of office I’d like to work in!

Spacious interior with wooden stairs and relaxation areas
Working area
Cafeteria and resting area
Interior cubicle with vertical garden
High view of the area
Interior view through the glass walls
Interior with concrete walls
Interior with concrete walls
Rest area with couches
Rest area with couches
Working area
Working area
Recreational area
Office with bookshelves
Exercise area

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