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Apartment Finely Decorated in Neutral Tones by Cocó Ferrari & Jesús Jimenez Interiorismo

By • Aug 2, 2017

This beautiful apartment in Tucumán, a province located to the northeast of Argentina, was designed by the interior design firm Cocó Ferrari & Jesús Jimenez Interiorismo. The home boasts gorgeous views over the hills that surround it – the hills of San Javier — which are the best views over Tucumán.

The living room and dining room share a space, as well as a modern and current décor. The living room is populated by a two-seat sofa and a modern chair in bright yellow; the dining room, on the other hand, has an elegant dining room table made of glass with chairs to match. Reflecting surfaces are present throughout the different environments of the home, providing a sense of modernity and adding to the spaciousness of the spaces.

Small terrace from where we can admire the hills
Lliving room/dining room/kitchen in one space

The kitchen, a narrow and elongated space, is equipped with storage spaces in a combination of black and brown.

The neutral color palette was used in the décor with a focal color accent in each room – yellow in the living room and blue and aquamarine in the bedroom. Warm wood is used throughout.

Light sources are placed in such a way as to provide dynamism to each room.

Kitchen in wood and black
Living room/dining room in modern style
Glass dining room table

The bedroom is done in neutral tones, which adds to it a sense of serenity and tranquility.

All art pieces, both in the living room and bedroom, are oil paintings from Cocó Ferrari’s catalogue.

Bedroom in neutral tones
Bedroom in neutral tones
Bedroom in neutral tones
Bedroom in neutral tones
Bathroom in neutral tones

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