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Architectural Studio Designed for a Couple of Architects

By • Feb 28, 2018

This project is a 46 square meter home studio designed for a couple of architects who not only share their passion for architecture, but also both enjoy music and painting together. It is located in Kerala, India, and was designed by the architects Shinoop & Revathy of Attic Lab.

View of the studio hidden among the thick vegetation
Front view of the house

The interior needed to be flexible and serve as a multifunctional space in which to practice music and enjoy debate and discussion. It also needed to be compact and modern in its material and construction. The entire space is divided into two levels, ground floor and attic, which act as work and leisure space, respectively.

Main facade surrounded by green and thick vegetation
View of the small terrace that connects the interior with the exterior green
Interior of the study with rest area

The characteristic regional expression of Kerala architecture is the result of geographical, climatic, and historical factors. The most distinctive visual form of Kerala architecture is the long, steep sloping roof built to protect the walls of the house.

Structurally, the roof frame was supported on the pillars in the walls erected in a raised base of the floor for protection against moisture and insects in the tropical climate.

The selection of materials and construction techniques was influenced by structural load, cost, installation time, and maintenance over time and sustainability.

Shared desktop space
Elegantly decorated office space
View of the exterior from inside the studio
Area of the study dedicated to the enjoyment of music
Elegant and sober study
Wonderful and cozy space for rest
Comfortable reading area
Night view of the magical exterior


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