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Extensive Mountain House Made of Concrete

By • Jun 1, 2018

This residence has an excellent view towards the mountains, as well as the park that extends to the other side of the mountain. It has been built in the lower part of the mountain, in a red zone, since there is danger of landslides, which is why the structure of the middle of the second floor was made to resist the pressure of the earth due to these natural occurrences.

It has been designed by Keitaro Muto of the architectural firm Keitaro Muto Architects in the city of Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, Japan in 2017, and covers a total area of 162 square meters. Its interior consists of a rough concrete structure, which has a rustic appearance that tries to connect with the exterior landscape.

Part of the level opens to the mountain landscape, as well as the park, through a cantilever. Although some of the interior spaces are not connected to some exterior spaces, an opening was created as a negative-positive relationship to bring them closer to the mountain. This allows all spaces to be easily filled with natural light, and the greenery existing outside the mountain area that surrounds it to be appreciated from the interior.

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Modern and Functional House with Open Spaces and Full of Natural Light

By • May 31, 2018

This fantastic and modern house, with spaces that are open and full of natural light, has been designed by the architectural firm Williamson Williamson, under the command of its professionals Betsy Williamson, Shane Williamson, Chris Routley, Paul Harrison, Dimitra Papantonis, Lucas Boyd, Eric Tse and Donald Chong. It is located in the city of Hamilton, Canada, and was created for a young couple and their parents.

Side view of the modern construction

The property covers an area of 3800 square feet and its construction was carried out in 2016. The house was conceived as two different residences, each formed in a linear bar that contains the complete program of a home. The parents’ suite occupies the ground floor with the living room and the dining room. The suite is presented as an accessible one-story apartment with additional features to adapt to the specific challenges faced by aging parents.

Construction details
Interior of the modern glass-walled living room
Modern kitchen with views
Minimalist style kitchen in wood
Roof details
Modern dining room in wood
Details of the spectacular circular wooden staircase

The main protagonist of the house is the spectacular spiral staircase lined with wood that connects the living room with the master suite on the second floor.

The ground floor of the house is lined with Algonquin limestone, locally extracted.

Radiant floor heating can be used sparingly, in combination with LED lighting, creating a low energy home.

Details of the circular staircase
Details of the circular staircase
Exterior view of the glass walls
External view of the large gardens
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Inspired by the History of 2001: A Space Odyssey, this House Can Show us a Different Face Every Time we Visit It

By • May 30, 2018

Located in Tokyo, Japan, this building that has been simplified to the extreme was inspired by the story of the 1968 film “Space Odyssey 2001”, in which “Monolith,” the name by which the black extraterrestrial slate is known, first grants “intelligence” to an ape. It covers a ground area of 397 square meters and was completed in 2015. Those responsible for the project – the architects Hirotaka Kidosaki and Satoshi Itasaka of the firm Kidosaki Architects Studio – not only had to comply with the strict laws and regulations for the protection of tranquil urban landscapes, but also their location with differences in the elevation. This was problematic, as it could cause the windows to face the windows of other houses.With this theme in mind, the materials were carefully selected, and the house was constructed with a universal design language using several elements: stone, concrete, steel, and glass panels.

External view of the construction
View of the gray facade
Façade with high walls

This house, with a balanced and tidy façade, can look different every time you visit it due to the combination of the outer wall of the hot galvanized phosphoric acid steel panels and the black metallic stone floor. That is why the building, despite its simple form, gives people different impressions depending on their point of view, and its appearance has depth and nobility. This house, which is the result of meticulous and detailed work, begins to express its real value only when you enter and experience the space.

Exterior details
Entrance to the spacious lounge
Living room with glass walls
Living area
Living-dining area
Wide and dark staircase
Stairs with high concrete walls
Aerial stairs
TV area with concrete walls
Ample space with concrete walls and circular skylights
Elevated view of the construction
External night view of the construction
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Sober and Elegant House in Which Privacy was the Focal Point to Solve

By • May 29, 2018

This house has a sober and elegant decoration that reflects a strong personality.It was designed in 2017 by the architects Hưng Đào and Phí Đình Cường of the architectural firm AHL architects. It covers 235 square meters and is located in Phúc Lợi, Vietnam.The lack of privacy, seen as a deficiency in the design, led them to install shutters and even windows that do not open, but that help create more private spaces without compromising the visibility or freedom of the house. As the project is a semi-detached house, the distance from the neighbor’s house is quite limited, only 3 meters, a narrow distance with side windows that each open to the other home.

Entrance with elegant wooden door
View of the kitchen and living room with polished concrete floors
Sober and elegant lounge
Living room with brown leather sofa
Kitchen open to the living room
Living-dining room in wood

The home is characterized by spaces where wood and concrete are seen as predominant materials, and its dark, stylish rooms create a serene space.

It has practical and perfectly delineated atmospheres, full of natural light, where each corner has a functionality.

The house HP6 is not different, nor does it stand out from the urban landscape in general. It is simply one more house; nevertheless, its renewed interior gives a special value to the owner, who uses the interior spaces every day.

Dining room in wood and leather
Stairs with black metal railing
Stairs with concrete wall
Wooden stairs
Small terrace
Room with wooden floors
Room full of natural light
Desktop area
Elegant and modern bathroom
Stairs leading to the office area
Modern and functional office
Office with glass doors
Internal side garden
External night view
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House near Barcelona, Spain where the Spaces Complement Each Other

By • May 29, 2018

This house, with a total area of 195 square meters, has been designed by the architect Carles Marcos in 2017. It is located on the southeast slope of Ullastrell, a quiet village about 45 minutes from Barcelona, Spain. An old concrete wall contains the sloping terrain, which is 4 meters above the street. This pre-existing wall became the base upon which the new house was established. It was decided that it would be beneficial to preserve and renovate it, so that it could form a part of the new construction. Designed for a couple, the house needed to be comfortable, affordable, and expandable in the future.

Exterior view of the house
Internal corridors with vaulted ceilings
Living room with wooden floors
Living room with vaulted ceilings
Living room connected to the kitchen

Built with load-bearing walls, the house is projected in two directions. Longitudinally, the sequence of rooms dilutes the general limits of the interior space. In the transverse direction, we seek the maximum permeability from the outside through each of the domestic spaces. This is done to promote the sun’s presence, cross ventilation, and the constant visual relationship with the environment.

The main rooms of the house are organized as a sum of small spaces, where each room is complemented by other spaces of adequate size and proportion for its use. The outer space, which is partially inclined, takes shape as a result of the position occupied by the house on the ground and especially its relationship with the limit defined by the existing large wall.

Modern kitchen in white
Internal stairs with block walls
Children’s room with wooden floors
Study area connected to the room
Master bedroom with vaulted ceilings
Room with wooden floors
Night view of the exterior of the house
Night view of the exterior and its gardens
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House for a Small Family with Spaces Full of Natural Light

By • May 28, 2018

This house was designed for a small family by the architectural firm IDIN Architects, led by the architects Jeravej Hongsakul, Wichan Kongnok and Eakgaluk Sirijariyawat. The home was completed in 2017, and is located in Thailand.

Front view of the house from the pool area
Roofed pool terrace

It has a total area of 530 square meters in which there are 3 rooms, including a main room and two rooms for guests or their future children.

Roofed wooden terrace

There were two other requirements that the client felt were important during the designing process of the home. Firstly, they wanted a large common social area, where the owners would always meet with their friends, something very usual in the lifestyle of the new generation. On the other hand, their privacy was also an important factor they wished to incorporate into the home. As such, the house had to be spacious, full of natural light, and still maintain privacy.

Side hall of the pool
Hall with glass walls
Garden with trees
Modern construction with glass walls
Elegant living room with wooden floors and high ceilings
Modern space with wooden floor
Modern dining room in wood
Dining room with glass walls
Air corridor with glass walls
Internal stairs
Modern bathroom in wood and white
Pool area at night hours
View of the interior through the glass walls
Exterior night view
View of the pool
Night view of the gardens
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Multifunctional Studio in a Small House From the 40s

By • May 25, 2018

Maintaining the small footprint of a house from the 1940s, a multifunctional studio was added along the back street of the structure. The resulting space formed a private terrace open to the sky. The urbanism of this patio tripled the useful surface of the site, erasing the dividing lines between the interior and exterior spaces. A silk tree provides mottled shade in summer. The illusion of a much larger property is created through the “borrowed landscape” of adjacent trees and open sky.

Exterior view of the garage area

Inspired by the ancient Chinese courtyard facing south, the central paved terrace is a private protected area for eating, having fun, resting and playing all year round.
The project was completed in 2018 by Matt Wittman and Jody Estes, both belonging to the architectural firm Wittman Estes, and is located in the Seattle, Washington area of the United States.

Small garden area
Rear terrace connected to the interior
oden walls
Interior of the living room – dining room with wooden walls

Future uses include guest visits, short-term rental space, utility space / workshop and play space for the main house.

A pavilion roof, floating on volumes that house storage, bathroom, laundry and future kitchen, extends to form a garage space and outdoor workshop.

The interstitial areas between the study and the exterior are defined by masonry walls, covered with wood and protected from the weather by large pavilion ceilings.

Wooden library furniture
Laundry area hidden in the wooden wall
Small bathroom with wooden walls
Exterior night view
Exterior night view
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Family House Nestled in the Thick and Green Australian Forest

By • May 24, 2018

This construction, belonging to a young couple who, after suffering for several years the harsh winters of the area, decided that it was time to do something to remedy the situation by renovating the house and turning it into a thermally comfortable home. It is located in Linden, Australia, and covers an area of 273 square meters.

Aerial view of the construction in the middle of the thick forest

In 2017, Blue Eco Homes and Thornton & Blake of the architectural firm Alexander Symes Architect, went to work and tried to reuse as much as possible of the existing form, services and structure, to reduce waste and manage costs, while shaping the project. The clients originally wanted to maintain the two existing pavilions: one for the accommodation of guests and the other for auxiliary spaces and create a new home to the east, increasing the space to accommodate a family.

The close proximity of the natural scrubland meant that the outer casing had to be robust and incombustible to meet the highest level of forest fire protection construction established, so that the house is effectively wrapped in the zincalume lining (a metallic coated sheet steel) with fire protection.

The design and construction teams worked in an integrated manner, the result is a very elaborate house that celebrates its natural environment and offers a comfortable home with little operational energy.

Bright and current interior with wooden floors
Glass walls that allow the views to be seen
Night view of the exterior from the inside
Exterior view at sunset
Exterior view of the construction
Night view of the house in the middle of the thick vegetation
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Small House with Comfortable Spaces in Which to Spend Time with Friends and Family

By • May 23, 2018

Located in the north of Vilnius, Lithuania, in an old neighborhood of summer houses whose spirit still persists in its surroundings, this house was designed by the architect Margarita Kaučikaitė of the architectural firm Kubinis metras for a young family interested in the philosophy of minimalism, something that also inspired the architecture of the structure.

View of the entrance leading to the house

It covers an area of 80 square meters and is bordered by neighboring houses on three of the four edges of the plot and by a road on the fourth, which brought about the challenge of creating a quality outdoor space. A conscious decision was made not to build a fence so as not to limit the space physically, visually or socially.

Rear garden with terrace
Side view with large garden
Construction with wooden walls
Façade with wood-clad walls
Terrace completely covered in wood

The size of the house is minimized to the basic needs of a family of four. Therefore, it is divided into two main parts: sleeping and living.

The sleeping part consists of three small bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry room and a small lounge. The spaces simply serve their purpose. The living space, on the other hand, is the focal point and occupies almost half of the house, and includes the functions of cooking and eating, spending free time, playing and working.

Terrace with furniture
Terrace completely covered in wood
Terrace with glass doors
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Eclectic Architecture with Bright Interior Spaces

By • May 23, 2018

This wonderful house with eclectic architecture and impressive gardens of varied flora is located in the city of Zapallar, in Chile. It covers an area of 150 square meters and was designed in 2017 by the architectural firm PAARQ Arquitectos under the direction of Patricio Araya Rodriguez. Zapallar, a coastal city with harmonious streets, is a place where tradition and modernity come together.

View of the front facade

The people of the city are migrating, selling their property at good prices and yielding to new constructions. This house reflects the austerity of the day to day, without pretensions; with the simplicity of a beach house. In the middle of the city, a clear volume emerges which tends to be closed to the south, opening to the light of the north and towards the landscape.

Details of the side wall

The skeleton of the house is made out of wood, and it has a widely ventilated façade. The shade of gray used is the result of a mixture made to highlight the texture, which is conditioned by the different types of light that shine on it throughout the day.

The interior is done completely in white, and is filled with spaces framed by a double height that allows a wide space of natural light and the encounter with the open interior spaces.

Spacious interior full of natural light
Living room full of natural light
Kitchen open
Dining room with glass walls
Exterior night view
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Modern and Minimalist Design by the Firm FGR Architects

By • May 22, 2018

This spectacular simple and minimalist design, created by the architectural firm FGR Architects, hand in hand with its professional team made up by Raffoul Feras and Williams Liau in the city of Portsea, Australia, is meticulous, and at first sight seems to be floating on the crest of the small hill where it is located.

Carried out in 2016, this project covers an area of 340 square meters and was designed with the premise that it was important to maintain privacy and maximize the incredible views that the house offers towards the beach of Portsea. In this way, the family is able to look out and see the world but remain private and away from external viewers.

A striking point of the interior was the design created in the bathrooms, in which the external elements were imitated, thus creating the illusion that one is showering outside.

External front view of the modern construction

Its external design is of a modern style, as well as the design used in the interior, in which modern furniture of great quality and elegance have been used to populate each one of its environments.
Both in the kitchen and in the bathrooms, a gray and white marble of great quality and beauty has been used.

View of the construction on the small hill
Stairs with concrete sheets lead to the entrance
Side view with garage area
Terrace with wooden floors and pool
Modern and spacious living room with TV area
Modern kitchen with island in marble
Modern kitchen with glass walls
Modern and elegant bathroom
Night view of the exterior
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Magnificent Transformation of a House of Dark Spaces into a Space Full of Life

By • May 21, 2018

The architectural firm Tom Robertson, led by Tom Robertson and David Ascroft, has reconfigured a small cabin located in Melbourne, Australia, to bring light and volume to the once dark spaces of this site. The resulting forms create a feeling of spaciousness and adapt to a more contemporary lifestyle. The house uses a strong monochromatic palette everywhere, starting in the new façade and continuing in the kitchen, done in black and white, farther in. Internally, the feeling is clean and quiet, with natural wood flooring and a striking staircase that provides warmth and softness.

Exterior view of brick walls
Modern and clear interior with wooden floors

To overcome the size restrictions of the site, a large double-height space has been created, which allows light to flood the open space in the center of the site. A loft is suspended within this volume, providing an escape.

Modern kitchen in matte black

A modern and elegant kitchen has been designed in close collaboration with the owners. This customization allows a highly functional and refined aesthetic. The bathrooms have been decorated with white porcelain countertops and thick black keys. Just above the shower cabin, a large skylight allows for views of the sky and the passage of natural light.

Living room in modern style
Dining room with round wooden table
TV area
View from the stairs
Modern and clear desk area
Sober and elegant bedroom area
Modern and spacious closet
Modern bathroom in black and white
Bath in black and white
Bathroom full of natural light





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Elegant and Warm Restaurant Designed with High Quality Materials

By • May 21, 2018

This new and modern restaurant is located on the top floor of the new Tivoli Corner building in Copenhagen, Denmark, overlooking the historic Tivoli Gardens, and with wonderful views over the city skyline. Tivoli Corner is a multifunctional development designed by world-renowned architects Pei Cobb Freed & Partners of OEO Studio, based in New York City, New York, in the United States. The newly built space houses shops, restaurants, a food hall, and over 20 new rooms for the award winning Nimb Hotel.

Terrace with views of the modern city area
Modern interior with glass walls

The design concept devised by OEO for the new restaurant is based on the universe of the Sticks’n’Sushi brand, which reflects the meeting of East and West and is inspired by Japan reinterpreted in a modern European context. The result is a warm and welcoming space with many evocative details, custom design elements, and high quality materials combined to offer the taste of Japan in the center of the Danish capital.

Decorative details in solid wood
Dining area with black furniture
Bar area
Bar area
Area of tables overlooking the terrace
Dishware details

The central and focal point of the restaurant and all the action that takes place in the heart of Sticks’n’Sushi is its structure. The custom-made wooden structure provides a skeletal framework for a high-quality and functional kitchen designed to optimize the service functions and improve the overall dining experience.

Large meeting areas
Dining area with allusive details
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A Fantastic Remodeling that has Exceeded all Expectations

By • May 18, 2018

This house, done in a retro style, was remodeled in the year 2017 by the architectural firm Paul Butterworth Architect to fulfill the wishes of a couple that, with a tight budget, wanted to turn it into a nest in which to accommodate their little grandchildren in safe spaces full of light.

Exterior view of drilled red brick house

Their expectations were fulfilled, since they were able to adjust the budget to a practical and elegant option.

View of the main entrance
Entrance with wood-covered walls

Custom lighting, veneer cabinets and luxurious stone products come together to transform everyday life into a truly joyful experience. Meanwhile, the multipurpose room has a queen size bed hidden behind a wall. Other interesting features include a two-way mirror, designed to show both the entrance to the house and its central courtyard.

TV area
Rest area with wooden walls
Bathroom with a retro style

In total, three outdoor spaces are easily accessible for residents and visitors. In addition to the internal courtyard, the back garden also plays a vital role in this family home. Here, its owner nurtures his commercial interests with a facility for the collection, spinning and bottling of honey. Meanwhile, the plots in the back-garden produce watermelons, corn, grapes, passion fruit… and a healthy variety of other fruits and vegetables.

Exterior night view
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Hip Bed and Breadfast Designed by ARCHIMED PROGETTAZIONI

By • May 18, 2018

This hip bed and breakfast was designed by the Italian architectural firm ARCHIMED PROGETTAZIONI Architetti Associati in 2017. It is called “L’Officina di Apollo,” or “Apollo’s Office,” and it is located in Palermo, a city in the autonomous region of Sicily, in Southern Italy.

Kitchen in yellow and black metal bases
Kitchen in yellow and black metal bases

The interior makes use of a yellowed-wood motif throughout the different areas of the bed in breakfast in order to create continuity, putting it to use as tabletops and cabinet doors in the kitchen and dining room, on the walls, as headboards and footboards for the beds in the bedrooms, and as additional surfaces in the bathrooms. The skeleton of all furnishings and details is done in black, forged iron, adding to this sense of continuity as well as granting the spaces a sense of the industrial. Simple light fixtures hanging from the ceiling with black wires and ending in a naked light bulb continue this same trend.

Kitchen in yellow and black metal bases
Dining room area in yellow with metal bases in black

Colorful and trendy pieces of contemporary art decorate the walls, adding an extra touch of vibrancy to the spaces, as well as a bit of culture. By contrast, the bedding in all bedrooms is done in earthy and neutral tones, creating a sense of peace and serenity for these special places.

Dining room area in yellow with metal bases in black
Dining room area in yellow with metal bases in black
Dining room area in yellow with metal bases in black
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
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Greenhouse Turned into a Fantastic Glass Office

By • May 16, 2018

This abandoned greenhouse, located in Guangzhou, China, was transformed into a spectacular office full of green plants that give life and color to all the spaces that comprise it. It has beautiful areas of plants and gardens, perfectly created and cared for by professionals of the area, which surround the whole exterior of the house and where they stand out against the wood.

View from the exterior gardens
View of the modern facade

Its interior, full of large and luminous spaces that are connected visually with each other, enjoys an atmosphere where the air flows freely. This wonderful transformation was handled by the firm Architecture O-office. Divided into two levels, the modern structure looks no less stunning on the outside than on the inside.

View of the modern facade

In its interior, wide stairs with asymmetrical steps, where some have been used as pots for plants, connect both levels. The metallic walls create a perfect combination with the glass used in the rest of the walls, and give a luminous touch to the space.

Asymmetrical stairs connecting the two levels

In the second level, the ceiling has been pierced with skylights through which natural light seeps in and fills each one of the spaces.

View of the interior that connects through the glass walls
View of the interior that connects through the glass walls
Internal gardens refresh the atmosphere

The internal gardens, with trees growing and refreshing the space, giving it vibrancy and, at the same time, filling it with color with their greenery.

Internal gardens refresh the atmosphere
Metallic walls give it freshness and luminosity
Metallic walls give it freshness and luminosity
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A Chapel Surrounded by Beautiful Landscapes on the Sloping Hills of Austria

By • May 15, 2018

Chapels are places where we can go to reflect and pray, and where many times we seek to listen to our inner selves. When they are located in a place as wonderful as the location for this particular chapel, I think we have already half-won. This small building, covering an area of only 40 square meters, is located on the beautiful, sloping hills of Austria. The chapel is surrounded by wonderful landscapes and has views of the nearby mountains. The atmosphere and the air that is breathed there creates a reassuring effect for those who visit it.

View of the chapel on the hillside, surrounded by greenery
Exterior view of the walls of wood and stone

It was completed by Bernardo Bader Architects in the year 2016, and came to be the replacement of a chapel that had been in that same location for 200 years.

View of the chapel with beautiful landscape background
View of the chapel with beautiful landscape background
Entrance door details

In its interior, fine and delicate light wood covers much of the walls and ceiling. At the far end, we find a small altar with an image of the Virgin. White wood has been used to highlight the small space. A small horizontal window allows light to enter the interior of the chapel, which gives clarity and calmness to the space. The pews, designed in the same wood used in the rest of the chapel, invite us to sit and meditate in a place brimming with peace.

View of the interior covered by wood
Vertical window facing the outside
Details of wooden pews
Wooden ceiling details
View of the chapel within the fog
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